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continuous operation of the restaurant company in the future?

continuous operation of the restaurant company in the future?

The future of China's restaurant industry, happiness will be the company's long-term development of "soft power".

As competition becomes more and more intense, the importance of restaurant operation and feeling has reached a part that is comparablepayment gateways for woocommerce to commodities. The core of service and feeling is people, therefore, a good team has become the key to win in the restaurant industry in the competition.

Especially in an environment full of uncertainties, how to deal with labor relations and promote the enterprise and employees to create new value together will become a challenge for every catering industry.

01. Difficulties in hiring and recruiting for catering are becoming more and more prominent

Although the catering consumer market is active, the problem of labor shortage still exists. Not long ago, China Skills Training Technology Guidance Center released the ranking of the 100 occupations with the most shortage of workers in the national recruitment and job search, the top five are from the service industry, among which, the catering waiter ranks fifth.

It is an indisputable fact that the overall labor force in the catering industry is tight. In addition to the difficulty in recruiting workers, the dilemma of recruiting people has also been existing, "Taiji's annual salary of one million chefs," "Honey Snow Ice City 800,000 to recruit executives," "Honey Snow 100,000 to recruit management trainees" "monthly salary of 5,000 can not recruit waiters" and other news are endless.

Although compared to many years ago, the current treatment of workers in the restaurant industry has long been improved, but the total number of job seekers is still very few. Previous analysis has stressed that the restaurant companies can not recruit and retain people, there are two main factors.

First, more and more people are accustomed to barging in small cities, life is less stressful, less people go out to find work, the catering industry is difficult to recruit; Second, occupational discrimination is still unshakable, "catering is to serve people work" so that many young people are reluctant to do catering; Third, the population is aging, the number of catering industry has surged, oversupply of jobs.

These problems are magnified by the epidemic, making the situation even more difficult. Therefore, some catering industries have to try to reduce the level of reliance on manpower based on adjusting the way jobs are employed,cnc machining rapid prototyping promoting digital transformation, replacing manpower with equipment, etc.

02. Care for the happiness of workers to really deal with the dilemma of employing people in the catering industry

According to the external way to deal with the employment difficulties, although it can play a certain role, but still never reach the ideal state. Many industry insiders feel that to really deal with the catering industry employment problems or have to build a happy restaurant enterprise from within the company, care about the happiness of workers, in order to make the company go further and further.

Red meal network found that, if you want to essentially cure the local treatment of the call worker problem, and deal with the guest problem is the same. The best guest assurance is from the customer's active word-of-mouth publicity, that is, the rate of recommendation. In the same way, it can be found that many happy restaurants do not lack workers, because the workers can feel truly happy and work happily inside the company, so that they will actively recommend their relatives and friends around them to apply for jobs in the company.

Based on this distress and requirement, Han Yuan Catering Education, which has been deeply engaged in the field for 13 years, firstly initiated the first Catering People's Happiness Power Conference, which was successfully carried out in Shanghai from January 5 to January 6, proposing a new business concept and management program for catering operators who are in a daze.

In this warm feast, many catering practitioners were the protagonists of the story, recounting the happy moments they experienced in their ordinary positions, transmitting love and warmth on the stage of discovering themselves, showing themselves and perfecting themselves. Behind every happy worker is the recognition and support from parents and relatives at home, who all hope their children can work hard and happily in the company.

It has always been an inseparable topic in the restaurant industry to analyze the tripartite relationship between employees, customers and the company. As the initiator of this happiness conference, and also the advocate of thes19 pro 110t concept of "happy catering", the company's happiness operation instructor Liu Jianjian gave the most powerful interpretation, "To move the customer we must first move the staff, only the staff will be good to the customer, the customer is good to the company will be good. Therefore, the main point of happiness operation is to make employees happy, and happy employees will create customer happiness together. If there are more happy customers, the happiness of the society will naturally increase."