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Which is better, quartz stone or artificial stone? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

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Experiencing a family to carry out renovation friends we need to know that no matter what different materials to buy, through comparison. Fear that the results of the renovation design produce bad results and the home does not want to go back. When kitchen interior design, the choice of cabinet countertop material will have some problems. Some people say quartz stone is good, while others say artificial stone is better.carrara quartz benchtops So, which is better, quartzite or artificial stone? What are the development advantages and disadvantages analysis of artificial stone and quartz stone countertops? Now you can go together to understand and learn about it.

Artificial quartz stone countertops advantages and disadvantages


Artificial stone is acrylic, no color difference weight. When the user buys artificial stone with color difference, there is no need to worry about affecting the Ambry effect. Artificial stone surface without pores, oil stains, scales are not easy to penetrate, strong pollution, easy to clean. Artificial stone is made of stone powder by wenzhou home decorators, its weight is lighter than natural stone,calacatta gold quartz supplier in the application can reduce the weight of the cabinet, prolong the service life. Using artificial stone surface, not only can be cut into various shapes and combined into various patterns, but also seamlessly connected to the edge treatment. Artificial stone is a polymer composite material filled with natural mineral powders, high-performance resins, and natural pigments, and is formed by mineral casting or vacuum molding, making it a great choice for environmentalists.


No, some materials of artificial stone and pastel colors have a hardness of 58-62, and can't withstand "scratching" by metal and other sharp objects. (This can be remedied by re-polishing and refurbishing).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quartz Countertop Materials


Not easy to scratch: quartz stone contains 94% should be time, should be time is nature's second highest hardness of minerals, hardness of 7.5, much higher than the chopper, so it is not easy to scratch when cutting vegetables on the table.

Will not cause pollution: quartz stone belongs to a surface and inner dense, non-porous material, the material surface of the kitchen acid and alkali environment has the ability to strong corrosion resistance, generally need to be commonly used liquids in our country will not affect the penetration of quartz stone inside. Liquid for a long time after the development of reaching the surface of quartz stone, only need to wash with water or detergent can be removed through.

Not easy to aging: quartz tin surface after more than 30 complex processes gloss, long time to drop the surface does not aging, like just installed as new, do not need maintenance and management.

FIRE RESISTANT:Ying Shi crystal is a typical fire-resistant material, the melting point is above 1300 degrees. Ordinary Yingshi tin is flame retardant and will not burn at high temperatures, which is an insurmountable advantage of man-made tin.

Non-toxic, non-radioactive: Quartz tin has a smooth surface, no porous structure, bacteria can not breathe, basically non-toxic in direct contact with food. Quartz tin is unaffected by any kind of radiation as it is usually made from selected natural mineral crystals that do not contain heavy metal impurities that cause radiation. Pros and Cons of Artificial Stone Countertops


The disadvantage of quartz-tin is its high price. In addition, quartz tin is generally used in a single shape due to its different hardness and difficult processing techniques, and there are not many styles available for us to choose from.

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