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DHA has 8 benefits, when is the best time to take it?


DHA is the most direct nutrient for children's intellectual and vision development. It has been favored by many parents since the 1990s. However, the development of baby's brain (intelligence) is irreversible. Do you really know the best time to supplement DHA to your baby?

Fetal period, 3 years old is the golden stage of children's intellectual development, brain development has a high demand for DHA. Reasonable supplementation of DHA can promote the formation of neural networks, accelerate the release of neurotransmitters and the transmission of information, so that babies are smarter.dha certification

DHA is not only good for your child's brain and eyesight, it also has the following effects.

1. Improve the quality of your child's sleep

The quality of an infant's sleep environment can be directly related to his or her own growth and development as well as the parents' emotional development status. According to research, proper supplementation of DHA during pregnancy can significantly reduce the number of children waking up at night.sialic acid market

2.Resistance to inflammation

About 30% of DHA in the human body exists in the blood, which can inhibit the formation of pro-inflammatory substances. Long-term supplementation of DHA helps to improve the immunity of infants and reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases.food ingredients asia

3. Help children's intellectual development

Children's intelligence includes observation, memory, thinking ability, imagination and creativity. 0 ~ 6 years old is the key period of children's intellectual development. At this stage, proper supplementation of DHA can well exercise children's reaction and thinking.

4. Anti-allergy, enhance the immunity of infants

Infants with unsound immune system and delicate skin are prone to eczema, allergic rhinitis, asthma and other allergic reactions. Appropriate supplementation of DHA can enhance their resistance and inhibit the occurrence of allergic reactions.

5. Relieve the adverse effects of the mother-to-be's emotions during pregnancy and reduce the occurrence of postnatal depression

6. Prevent Alzheimer's disease

With age, the DHA in the human brain will gradually decrease, if the appropriate amount of artificial DHA supplementation, can slow down the aging speed of human brain cells, to prevent Alzheimer's disease.