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What are the development advantages of NB-IoT and what are its main features?

What are the development advantages of NB-IoT and what are its main features?

The era of interconnection of things is moving into our lives with great speed, and the safe and reliable information transmission of data is the basic economic condition to realize the connection of things.

As most of the cases are selected 3G, 4G and GPRS skills to complete the network transmission system data, lte iot module resulting in high cost of time for enterprises, affecting the popularity of Internet of Things technology business, so NB-IoT skills to meet the needs of the international market was born.

NB-IoT (Narrowband Cellular Internet of Things) technology chooses the principles of ultra-narrowband, retransmission, and simplified network protocols, sacrificing certain rates, delays, and mobility instincts to obtain the carrying capacity of low-power wide area networks.

Large-scale access: With the same base station coverage, nb-iot technology is 50 to 100 times more powerful than other wireless access technologies, and each sector can guarantee access to 100,000 terminals.

Low power consumption: For many battery-powered devices and situations, the low power consumption of NB-IoT enables devices to last for months to years, thus greatly reducing the inconvenience of frequent battery replacement.

Super coverage: The coverage of NB-IoT is 100 times that of LTE. This can meet the demand for wide coverage in sparsely populated areas, and is also suitable for underground applications with deep coverage requirements.

Low cost: As we choose to carry out cellular mobile network technology skills on authorized frequency bands, NB-IoT does not need to build a new network, and RF and antennas are basically reusable by students. In addition, the low power consumption, low bandwidth and low rate of NB-IoT also reduce the production cost of management chips and modules.


Do NB-IoT devices need gateways?

Because it can operate in the 2G, 3G, and 4G bands, NB-IoT is particularly adaptable. It does away with the requirement for a gateway, saving money over time.

What category of LTE is 5G?

The current 5G coverage is only available in densely populated locations, however by adopting the LTE Cat M or LTE Cat NB-IoT protocols, existing equipment may be confidently upgraded from 2G/GSM and 3G/UMTS old systems to 4G/LTE networks.

A 5G IoT module is what?

With extremely high data rates and extremely low latency, 5G modules connect IoT devices to the most advanced cellular networks, enabling a variety of applications such as remote surgery, autonomous driving, virtual reality gaming, robotics, and smart manufacturing powered by AI.