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5G module brings perfect wireless network experience for IoT technology connection

5G module brings perfect wireless network experience for IoT technology connection

"Multi-core" racing, open mode, full platform design, mature process.

Module is the key link to the maturity of the whole IoT industry, lte m2 which is based on the development of the chip platform. Broadcom has laid out a comprehensive multi-core platform and launched a number of 5G modules based on Qualcomm, MediaTek and other 5G chip platforms, which have obvious advantages in performance, customization and cost.

"Highly skilled, unparalleled in the world. The company has been able to take charge of the face value, but also can afford to be a "professional expert".

All-round "certification", a big early success! Multiple "endorsements" and full international standard certifications in hand!

Many 5 g modules have been certified to international standards, including open lab, thiel lab, Ericsson Global Network Terminal Test Center and other partners, as well as mandatory and conformance certifications from some of the leading carriers.

including at & t, t-mobile, anatel, ntt docomo, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, telstra, ce, ptcrb and other technical acceptance certifications, multi-level advanced product certifications plus support.

To show the high quality of a wide range and universal modules, always pursuing the ultimate product quality assurance.

Focus on vertical management industry to develop end-use material performance and customized applications.

In terms of product performance, kwt 5g modules have passed network and field tests in multiple lab network environments. 5g modules have performed well in terms of protocol consistency, RF consistency, power consumption and rate performance.

In field tests, 5g residency, 4g and 5g reselection and switching, data performance, sa/nsa switching, etc. are all above industry standards. 5g modules support 5g multi-chip and high-precision timing functions, completing the key functions of 5g to b debugging.


Is 5G the same as LTE+?

Although AT&T chose to sell their LTE advanced/LTE+ service as [5G E]-which, for an LTE and LTE advanced comparison, is at least twice as fast as your basic 4G network-it is not, in fact, using 5G technology.

Is Cat M1 the same as LTE-M?

The LTE family of cellular technologies includes CAT-M1 as a type of device; occasionally, this is referred to as "LTE-M," which is the same thing as CAT-M1. Varied categories have different data rates, frequency spectrums, power requirements, and signal ranges, as was discussed in the LTE section.

What does LTE-M stand for?

A subset of LTE called LTE-M was created specifically for machine-to-machine communication. Unlike 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, LTE-M enables IoT devices to send and receive enormous volumes of data without depleting their batteries.

How much time does LTE have?

Long Term Evolution, or LTE, won't be obsolete for at least 10 years, therefore 5G won't replace LTE anytime soon. How do you decide where to invest now that our concerns that 4G will become obsolete due to 5G have been allayed?