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The basic composition, structure and basic concept of CNC lathe

The basic composition, structure and basic concept of CNC lathe

A. Program writing and program flow media

CNC machine tool system is the work order precision cnc machined parts of CNC lathe for fully automatic processing of parts. In the processing parts to carry out technical analysis of the basic, clear parts plane coordinates in the machine tool coordinate system on the relative position, that is, the parts in the equipment installed parts; CNC blade and the main parameters of the specification of the relative speed of the parts; parts processing processing process line, drilling production of technical technical parameters and its assistance equipment posture, etc.. After obtaining all the fitness movement of the part, specifications, technical parameters of the machining process and other production and processing information content, with a standardized CNC machine code consisting of text, data and symbols, in accordance with the prescribed method and file format, to write the part processing CNC machine program flow sheet. Program preparation in the work can be carried out by human resources; for the shape of more complex parts, it is necessary to carry out CNC programming software (APT) or CAD/CAM design program on a special program writing machine or general-purpose electronic computer.
Program flow of CNC machine tools, stored in a storage medium conducive to keying to mechanical equipment, it can be perforated paper tape, audio tape and hard disk, etc., which storage medium to choose, lies in the design of CNC machine tool equipment type.

Second, keying equipment

The function of the keying Graphics miner device is the program process media (information content media) on the CNC machine code transmission and storage into the CNC machine. According to the manipulation of the storage medium is different, keying equipment can be optical readers, tape machines or floppy disk drives, etc.. CNC lathe production process can also be keyed into the CNC machine tool immediately by manual method with the help of computer keyboard; CNC lathe processing process can also be transmitted to the CNC machine tool by the program writing electronic computer with RS232C or selected communication network method.
Parts processing program process keyed into the whole process there are two different types of methods: one is to write while production processing (CNC machine tool running memory more clock), the other is a parts processing program process all written into the internal structure of the CNC machine tool equipment storage, production processing and then from the internal structure of the storage paragraph by paragraph into the development of production processing. Add WeChat to

Three, CNC machine tool equipment

CNC machine tool equipment braun thermoscan thermometer is the key to CNC lathe. CNC machine tool equipment from the internal structure storage to take down or accept the keying equipment sent over a section or several CNC lathe processing program process, through the CNC machine tool equipment timing logic circuit or system to carry out compilation program, calculation and thinking solution, after exporting a variety of manipulation information content and command, manipulation of CNC lathe parts of the work, so that it carries out the standard well ordered fitness movement and posture.

The wheelhouse pattern of the parts usually consists of parallel lines, arcs or other non-arc curves, and the CNC blade needs to carry out fitness movement in the production process according to the standard of the parts' appearance and size, that is, to move according to the movement track of the pattern. But the keyed parts processing program flow is only the start and end station plane coordinates of each line of motion trajectory and other data information, can not meet the requirements, and therefore to carry out the motion trajectory tool radius compensation, that is, the start and end station plane coordinates in the middle of the line to carry out the "data information point of densification", to find a series of intermediate points of plane coordinates, and to the corresponding coordinates to derive the differential signal, manipulate the vertical coordinates (that is, go tool fitness movement of each implementation components) go tool rate, go tool orientation and go tool offset, etc.


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