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The working principle of 3d printing out process and tips for model

The working principle of 3d printing out process and tips for model

Rapid prototyping technology belongs mtr hk to the discrete variable / deposition forming. It clearly puts forward a new upgraded way of thinking from the basic principle of forming to the three-dimensional solid model of the part to be manufactured on the electronic computer, carry out the grid solution and store it, carry out a hierarchical solution to it, obtain the two-dimensional corridor information content of each cross-sectional layer, automatically generate the production processing path according to this shape information content, and by the forming head under the manipulation of the automatic control system, can selectively dry solid or The forming head, under the control of the automatic control system, selectively dry-fixes or laser cuts the raw material layer by layer to produce each cross-sectional corridor sheet, which gradually accumulates into a three-dimensional blank in sequence. The post-processing of the blanks is then carried out to produce the parts. The whole process of rapid prototyping technology is detailed as follows.

1) Construction of 3D model of mobile mine goods. Because the RP system software is immediately driven by the 3D CAD solid model, the 3D CAD solid model of the product to be produced and processed is the first to be built. The three-dimensional CAD model can be built immediately by using auxiliary design and drawing software (such as Pro/E, I-DEAS, SolidWorks, UG, etc.), or the two-dimensional drawings of existing commodities can be transformed to produce a three-dimensional model, or the solid line of commodities can be scanned by laser scanner or CT computer tomography to obtain point cloud data, and then the inverse engineering method can be used to structure the three-dimensional model. model.

2) The similar solution of the 3d molding three-dimensional model. Because the goods usually have some irregular arbitrary oblique, production processing before the model should be fitted to carry out a similar solution to facilitate the later data analysis work. Because the STL file format format is easy and useful, it has become a quasi-communication interface document for the rapid prototyping technology industry at this stage. It is a series of small triangle planes to approach the original solid model, each small triangle with three vertex coordinates and a normal vector to describe, the number of triangles can be based on the precision of the provisions to complete the selection of STL documents. The binary export method takes up much less room space than the ASCII export method, but the ASCII export method allows you to read articles and check them. Typical CAD mobile software contains the role of transforming and exporting STL file format.

3) Cut-to-sheet solution of 3D models. According to the characteristics of the entity model being produced and processed to choose a suitable production processing orientation, in forming the relative height orientation put a series of certain spacing of the plane figure laser cutting similar after the solid model, to facilitate access to the cross-sectional shape information content. The spacing is generally taken 0.05mm ~ 0.5mm, commonly 0.1mm. the smaller the spacing, the higher the precision of forming, but the longer the forming time, the lower the high efficiency, the opposite is low precision, but high efficiency.

4) Forming production processing. According to the cross-sectional corridor cut into pieces, under the control system, the corresponding forming head (laser head or nozzle) does the scanner fitness movement according to the information content of each cross-sectional corridor, and deposits the raw material layer by layer on the working table, and then glues each layer together, and finally obtains the original shape goods.
5) Post-treatment process of formed parts. The formed parts are taken off from the forming system software and carried out grinding and polishing, polishing, coating and hanging, or put into the high temperature electric furnace to carry out post-calcination to further improve their compressive strength.


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