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Human resource planning and enterprise strategic management

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Contemporary enterprise management is people-centered management, people are knowledge, information enterprise's strategic planning has the enterprise's development vision, development strategy and development process design, and the strategic planning of human resources is one of the core contents of enterprise strategic planning hrms hk.

Different business strategies affect human resource planning. For example, an institutionalized organization needs more traditional managers who can maintain continuity, stability and control. As organizations become more agile, they need more flexible managers, or "transformational leaders" to adapt to the changing competitive environment and to change the mindset and mental models of business leaders through strategic human resource management, as these affect behavior patterns.

As an interpretation and extension of the concept of corporate strategy, the management field has developed various approaches to effectively address human resource adaptability and corporate business strategy. Specific business strategies require human resources with different capabilities. Entrepreneurship, high growth, business maturity, state of transition, and industrial pluck represent the various stages of an organization's life cycle, and each stage requires different management talent.

However, the content of corporate change, which drives the economic development of enterprises, society and the country, includes three major change systems: business model change, organizational culture change and value-oriented change, and the implementation of these three change systems cannot be separated from the functional orientation of personnel, awareness and behavior patterns.