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How to take the sommelier professional qualification?

How to take the sommelier professional qualification?

1、Prepare raw materials in advance: a wine tasting hong kong return form for our vocational qualification appraisal, a blue background 2-inch color photo without crown, proof of working years opened by the enterprise, photocopies of academic certificates, and scanned copies of ID cards. Forward the above materials scanner to the national qualification technical training core.

2、Wine taster application criteria
1, junior level sommelier, 5g nb the following criteria with one can.
1、Continue to serve in this position for more than 5 years.
2、With high-end professional skills for the education goal of vocational schools, technical colleges and vocational and technical schools of this technical specialty or related technical specialty diploma.
3、Have a diploma of college or above in this technical specialty or related specialty.
4、Have other technical professional college or above graduation certificate, and continue to work in this position for more than 1 year.
5、With other technical professional college or above graduation certificate, by junior level sommelier reliable learning training up to the standard standard Huai class times, and obtain a training certificate.

3、Wine taster assessment method.
Divided into basic theory test hk mtr and professional skills assessment. Basic knowledge test to take closed-book exams written questions and other methods, professional skills assessment selected on-the-spot operation process methods. Basic knowledge test and professional skills assessment are implemented credit system, test scores of 60 points and above are up to standard. Junior sommelier and high-end sommelier must also carry out a comprehensive review.


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