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Goodbye bread face thin face big trick to learn

Goodbye bread face thin face big trick to learn

If you want a V face, please refer to the following points!

Do you hate the round face in the mirror and hope you can have a V face? A few simple tricks to help you get rid of the meat on your cheeks, and you envy the perfect jawline of the dead!

1. Apply saline to the eyes


.Pour 500ml of 40 degree warm water into a bowl, then add a teaspoon of salt. After stirring well, soak the gauze in water. Afterwards, the gauze is folded to an appropriate size and applied to the eyes for about 20 minutes. Using the principle of high osmotic pressure, the water is drained from low to high, and the water is discharged.

2.Apply cold and hot alternately to the face


first with a hot towel and then with a cold towel, repeat 3 times. The hot and cold face should be distributed in a ratio of 1: 2 for at least 15 minutes. Alternating cold and heat will allow the blood vessels to contract and expand again, promoting the blood circulation of the skin, while effectively draining excess water from the face. Do not avoid the temperature of the hot towel being too high, otherwise it will burn the skin.

3. Drink black coffee After


eating breakfast, come to a cup of pure black coffee, after about 30 minutes to 1 hour, the puffy face disappears! Black coffee contains caffeine, which helps drain water and diuretic, and accelerates the body's calorie consumption, so it can eliminate puffiness on the face. But don't drink too much caffeinated beverages to avoid injury.

4. Chew slowly

slowly and eat slowly, not only helps to lose weight, but also a great trick to lose weight. When chewing food, it will use the muscles of the entire mouth. Wrong chewing methods will affect the shape of the face, and even make the cheeks stand out. If you can, it's best to chew around 25 bites.


5.Do not eat midnight snacks

When the night is low and you can't sleep, do you really want to eat? In particular, oily and salty foods such as cup noodles, roti prata, nasi lemak, etc., must not be eaten! If the food is too salty, it will cause the accumulation of water in the extracellular fluid, causing swelling of the whole body. It is recommended to stop eating after 7 pm and drink as little water as possible.