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By understanding what's in your diet, stay away from the bad trans-fat foods

By understanding what's in your diet, stay away from the bad trans-fat foods

I believe that people have heard a lot about the bad effects of trans fats, but many people may only know what is going on and not know why. The good fats are essential nutrients for the body and can protect the internal organs and also make the body warm, while trans fats are obviously not in this category. Trans fats are foods that contain trans fatty acids. Trans fats are often found in hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are often used by food manufacturers to make food because they allow food to have a longer shelf life and a better taste, and are favored by consumers.

Reasons for not consuming too much trans fat food

Trans fat intake in excess will cause the deposition in the body, think about it, if deposited in the blood vessels, then t8he blood vessels will not become narrow, and then serious will not be blocked? The blood vessels are blocked, the danger is extremely high, this is also one of the bad performance of trans fats, so we need to know about trans fats food understanding, so that it is possible to stay away from this kind of unhealthy diet, so as to avoid their own health and the health of their families by its impact.

How to stay away from trans fat foods

We have a certain understanding of the harmful effects of trans fats, shopping to avoid this kind of food, but for most people, it is really difficult to do when buying ingredients, everything to understand whether there are trans fatty acids, but it is not without a simple and easy way, that is to find a reliable brand, save a lot of trouble. One of the main reasons why Hong Kong people like the brand's products to a high degree is that they contain very low or no TFA content, no intake, how could exceed the standard. In particular, the brand's chestnut rice oil is healthy and safe to eat, and is also a good choice for home cooking.

For trans fat food we should have an understanding, like fried food, like crispy food, like high sugar food, etc., are in the domain of trans fat food, daily life, it is recommended to stay away from these foods. Trans fats are bad, understand in order to have awareness of this area.