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People who often wear watches, must understand a few problems


Wearing a watch, not necessarily on the watch is a favorite, even if it is often wear a watch,TUDOR Royal M28323-0001 you ask him some watch common sense he may not be able to answer up, so today we will popularize the basic common sense of the watch and precautions!

Do watches need maintenance? How often is the most appropriate?

We know that watches are divided into three types: quartz watches, electronic watches and mechanical watches. For the first two, when the power is insufficient or the watch stops, we only need to go to change the battery. The mechanical watch is different, it can always rely on the movement power to keep going. Therefore, we need to know how to maintain the mechanical watch to keep its constant power. But we have heard too much about the frequency of watch maintenance. So how often is the right maintenance? Personally, I think once every 3 to 5 years is the most appropriate. Of course, this statement is not baseless. The movement of the movement will make the lubricant dry and produce grease, affecting the movement of the movement and thus affecting the accuracy of the time.

Watches are afraid of being "magnetized", so what exactly is magnetization?

I believe that people who have worn a watch have encountered this situation: the watch suddenly does not go,TUDOR Black Bay 39 M79660-0001 or suddenly go not allowed, fast and slow, which may be subject to magnetism. Mechanical watches are more afraid of magnetization than quartz watches, because the movement needs to rely on many gear parts to swing, but also has to always be on a frequency, the watch will go accurate. Since most of the mechanical watches are made of steel, they are easily interfered by magnetic field and appear the situation mentioned above. The following is to popularize how to prevent the watch from being magnetized in daily life. Don't put the watch on top of the radio, TV, or even the magnetic buckle of the bag or belt, and the cell phone also need to pay attention to.

In fact, the maintenance cost of the watch is still quite high for branded high-end watches, so there are also many friends who will choose replica watches because of this, so that they don't have to specialize in maintenance, which saves both money and effort.

In addition to the maintenance and magnetization problems, there are some other problems that people who often wear watches need to know. For example, the water resistance of the watch. Different watches have different waterproof grades, and generally speaking,TUDOR Glamour Double Date M57103-0005 the higher the waterproof grade, the better the waterproof performance of the watch. However, it is important to note that even waterproof watches should not be immersed in water for long periods of time, as the water pressure may cause damage to the watch. In addition, care should be taken to avoid contact between the watch and chemicals that may corrode the watch face or movement. It is also necessary to clean your watch regularly by gently wiping the watch face and band with a clean cloth to maintain its appearance and comfort.

In conclusion, as a regular wearer of watches, it is essential to understand some basic watch knowledge and precautions. Only by using and maintaining the watch correctly can you prolong its service life and keep it in good running condition. I hope the above introduction can help you to have a more in-depth understanding and knowledge of watches.