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New employees electronic, online onboarding more efficient

New employees electronic, online onboarding more efficient
Modern science and technology is slowly iot lpwa melting into everyone's daily life and is also quietly changing the world, in the 21st century, self-service terminals are popping up and infiltrating not only to change the way we shop, everyone's clothing, food, housing, transportation, work has also undergone a radical change: everyone buying clothes will no longer be limited to buying in stores, online shopping diversified self-service selection has long become everyone buy things In the restaurant dining order no longer have to wait for the waiter to come to the side, according to the sweep QR code can complete the self-service order payment; medical consultation according to the WeChat public number can be booked early, online query PDF report, online printing checklist; find a job according to the recruitment gallop APP can be delivered personal resume, online cloud recruitment interview; also self-service payment, self-service gas, self-service car wash, self-service information content... The convenience and operational flexibility of the "self-service terminals" have gained more and more people's recognition and pro-gaze.

There are data survey reports, we employee self service have really felt the benefits of self-service terminals, self-service terminal application standards in recent years has a rapid increase in the development trend, self-service terminals with low cost, humane and time-saving advantages into the current social development of very competitive business methods, and more and more favored by various industries, such are to promote self-service terminals into the service industry in China to promote the The development trend, enhance the service enterprise independent innovation ability of a powerful way.

In order to better assist HRO bitmain antminer s19 pro amazon companies to continuously improve their competitiveness and open up a new feeling of a large number of self-service terminals, RuiFuYunKe HROsys system is considered from the two-way perspective of "intelligence" and "efficiency" and integrates the specific business scenarios of HRO companies to create a convenient, fast and effective way for employees to use the system. It creates a convenient and effective self-service method for employees, and integrates intelligent technology into the time management method of the employee's hiring journey cycle and into the goods, services and steps.

New hires are an important part of every company's work. A study by analyst firm AberdeenGroup found that 86% of decisions about whether a new employee will stay with the company on a permanent basis are made within six months of their onboarding. The traditional-style onboarding process must go through a variety of procedures and processes, with a variety of signed paper-based contract books, Foley filings, personal social security materials, dossier statements, private information and other materials, and the need to go to different agencies to apply for various processing procedures, but this cumbersome and inefficient onboarding process can consume a lot of time for employees and HR assistants in the onboarding process alone.



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