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Medical devices will be a new round of valuation of the low?

Medical devices will be a new round of valuation of the low?

"I am afraid of other people's hris software greed, and I am afraid of other people's greed", this is also the God of stock Warren Buffett more investors are familiar with the most famous words, but also by using value investors as a project investment rules. Fear or greed is important, not depending on the mindset of others, but depends on whether to find "value pits".

The WIND information shows that wireless noise cancelling earbuds the current value of CSI medical equipment P/N ratio is 24.77, close to the recent 10-year minimum value of 22.49, much smaller than the risk value of 71.93, the average of 58.76 and its opportunity value of 37.99. In addition, the current pharmaceutical industry sub This represents a lower P/N ratio today than in the previous 10 years at 98%.

"When a field or a medical device prototype company has a "value depression", there is hope that it will move into a pre-fixed value in the medium to long term. Especially when the P/N ratio is less than the opportunity value, the investment value has been highlighted. In the eyes of stock experts, this means that gold is falling from the sky and has to be caught in a bucket.

The organization's interests have been tuned up, and recently often investigate medical equipment companies, seems to be preparing for a reasonable layout of the general market trend. So far in the second quarter, 987 listed companies were investigated by securities companies, Shen Wan level industry division of pharmaceutical and biological 122 were investigated, is the largest total number of areas investigated.

In the field of pharmaceutical and biological, Myriad Medical, Junshi Biological, Amicor was investigated by more than 55 securities companies, pharmaceutical and biological secondary categorization of the pharmaceutical industry, the leading company Myriad Medical is the more investigated companies, but also the pharmaceutical industry is the only one investigated by more than 55 securities companies.

What makes the use of value investors more excited is that the pharmaceutical industry policy favorable continued to increase positions. Only in May, the "fourteen five" national health plan, "on promoting the county as an important carrier of urbanization construction views" and other new round of current policies are promulgated, the pharmaceutical industry are key dip ink.


What should I expect to pay for noise-canceling headphones?

The magic begins to happen when the price reaches $200 to $300. For audiophiles in this price range, the majority of respected brands provide entry-level headphones with a longer guarantee. You can more accurately control noise reduction, and the audio is more evenly balanced.

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A cluster is a collection of items in prototype-based clustering that includes at least one object that is closer to the prototype that characterizes the cluster than to the prototype of another cluster. a straightforward prototype-based clustering approach that requires the centroid of the cluster's constituent elements to serve as the cluster's prototype.

How can you know if earbuds are noise-canceling?

To see if Noise Canceling is on, try one of the following methods:
Place both earbuds in the charging case, let them sit there for a short while, and then take them out. Tap the touch sensor while wearing the headphones to activate noise cancellation.
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