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The current situation and development trend of rapid prototyping technology

The current situation and development trend of rapid prototyping technology
IntroductionThe content of the prototype manufacturing article is based on the theoretical basis of rapid prototyping technology, interpretation of the basic principles and characteristics of rapid prototyping technology, for the current stage of rapid prototyping technology development trend of the current situation analysis and future development trend to carry out shows that its for rapid prototyping technology process development trend is a very meaningful concept reference.

At this stage, along with the hashing24 cloud mining development of urban economy, its for processing manufacturing industry clearly put forward higher provisions, diversification, high quality, low cost, the development trend of new technology has been very significant. Under the conditions of further enhancement of the social development trend, the specific performance is in 2 levels: one is the development trend of specialisation of the customer market demand and its short time interest, prompting the sales market goods tend to diversify; the second is the world development trend of the industry market is vigorously strengthened, in the case of the fortress being broken down, the regulation company has a worldwide perspective, will diversify the brand promotion out, complete for The priority of the sales market is to occupy. From this point of view, it is an inevitable trend to carry out scientific research on this technicality, to explore the current trend of its development status analysis and future development trends according to the mutual integration of concepts and practical activities, to conform to the regularity of social and economic development, to integrate into our future development requirements, and to complete the rapid progress of rapid prototyping technology.

Said rapid prototyping technology,hong kong loan that is to say, under the basic principle of discrete variable deposition forming basic theory, the three-dimensional CAD solid model to carry out detailed level solution, let it show the thinness of the low two-dimensional plan solid model, in relying on the CNC machine tool coding way to complete the manipulation for the two-dimensional plan solid model, and finally the production of layer analysis interconnected down, that can be formed. This is the basic concept of rapid prototyping. Based on that theoretical basis to carry out practical activities to explore, after accumulating a lot of social experience, we found that the application of rapid prototyping technology is very common, can largely prevent the shortcomings of traditional handicraft, to complete the high efficiency of faster, economic efficiency of the maximum profit.



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How is a product developed from a prototype?

Creating a Product from a Prototype
1) Establish the cost and availability of the material. Making a bill of materials (BOM) that includes the total cost of each component as well as the cost of its assembly should be your first step. 2) Aim for the best but brace yourself for the worst. 3) Execute a trial run of the production.

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