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Dietary taboos for pregnant women to help distinguish risky foods

Dietary taboos for pregnant women to help distinguish risky foods

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman's diet is the key to delivering nutrients to the fetus, so many people will continue to take supplements in the hope that the baby can develop healthily. Good and proper dietary habits do help the development and health of the fetus, but some dietary taboos may affect the growth of the fetus if they are not clearly identified. However, if you can refer to the risky foods mentioned in the dietary taboos for pregnant women, you don't have to worry about the above problems if you know how to differentiate them.

Dietary taboos for pregnant women to differentiate between foods that are highly beneficial to the fetus

After knowing that you are pregnant, pregnant women or their family members will try their best to supplement their body through food, and ginseng and cinnamon are often essential tonic products. Pregnant women dietary taboos table reminds that, although cinnamon is sweet and warm in nature, but pregnant women should not consume a lot of it, after pregnancy the body will produce internal heat, cinnamon tonic is well known, but eating too much will move the blood to move the fetus, leakage of red, abdominal pain and even abdominal distension and other aura of miscarriage. In the table of dietary taboos for pregnant women, ginseng and cinnamon will also make pregnant women hot and dry, it is recommended to consume with caution.

Unsuitable Foods for Pregnant Women

Modern people like sashimi, sushi and other foods that are not fully cooked, the chef may not handle the food properly, leaving residual parasites and bacteria, pregnant women dietary taboos remind pregnant women to avoid raw food, so as not to jeopardize the health of the mother and fetus. In addition, mutton, almonds, lychee, chili peppers, etc. will aggravate the body heat, hindering the body to gather blood to nourish the fetus, it is recommended to avoid eating these foods. Shrimp and crab and other seafood are easy to cause allergies, uncooked will have bacteria invade the body, and will make the hormone exuberance, and ultimately lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms.

Dietary taboos for pregnant women unsuitable drinks

Coffee, soda and other drinks are popular among urbanites, but they should be completely banned during pregnancy, especially drinks containing caffeine, which will enter the fetus through the pregnant woman's bloodstream, affecting the development and at the same time possibly leading to a low birth weight of the fetus. The list of dietary taboos for pregnant women makes it clear that strong tea is also unsuitable for pregnant women, and it is recommended to switch to fresh fruit juices, milk, and soups, which are healthy and nutritious.