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Five benefits of SEO that you must know

Five benefits of SEO that you must know

Search engine optimization is an integral part of the digital marketing field, and almost all marketing experts recommend that companies invest resources in the search engine optimization of their websites.seo ranking optimization What advantages does SEO have that make it so hard to replace? Understand the following five good points, and you will understand why SEO must be done.

Free marketing channels

Budget control is an extremely important part of planning a marketing strategy, saas website building and the biggest advantage of SEO is that it is completely free.

SEO is to optimize the content, structure and user experience of a website by understanding the operation mode of search engines, so as to improve its ranking in search results. Search engines don't charge anything. Companies only need to invest time and manpower to do a good job of the website, you can get free search results in the elite position and the traffic it brings.

Of course, if we don't understand SEO, or don't have enough human time, we need to invest a little budget to be handled by a professional marketing company.

The optimization results are effective for a long time

Seo is a sustainable form of digital marketing in which the end of the digital advertising budget immediately interrupts the effectiveness of marketing, and the number of interactions decreases as social accounts stop updating, but as long as the site does a good job of SEO and improves the ranking of search results, you can continue to bring high-quality traffic to the site.

However, SEO is not something you can rest easy on once. Users' needs for websites change over time, and search engines adjust the criteria for determining search rankings from time to time. Therefore, if you want the website to maintain a good ranking, you need to constantly review the effectiveness of SEO and update the content of the website in order to truly achieve long-term marketing benefits.

Get high quality traffic

Search engine optimization results in higher quality traffic, a higher percentage of leads, and higher conversion rates than other digital marketing channels, and this is because of the unique characteristics of search engine users: people who use search engines to find keywords often have a more specific purpose than just browsing.

Most of the users of search engines are active search keywords, so the proportion of potential consumers in these traffic is higher than that of users who visit through advertising and other channels, and the marketing benefits brought by optimized high-quality websites will naturally increase.

Reduce keyword advertising costs

To effectively improve the effectiveness of digital marketing, it is often recommended to use both SEO and advertising. However, when a website's SEO optimization is good enough to push the website to a fairly good position in the students' natural search rankings, the relative advertising budget invested in the keyword can be slightly adjusted, because the good ranking world itself has excellent advertising effects, plus information users prefer to choose natural search results more than keyword advertising. When SEO can bring in more high-quality traffic, you can adjust your AD delivery for the same keyword.

But another effect of advertising is to strengthen short-term publicity and a lot of exposure, if the message is a brand promotion campaign, such as short-term effectiveness, then it is difficult to replace the effect of search engine optimization advertising, so even if you improve the ranking of the website through search engine optimization, it is still recommended to plan your digital advertising strategy.

Establish brand image

To seize the top position in search engines is not only to enhance exposure, but also to establish brand image and user trust in the brand.

Search engine users usually trust natural search rankings, this trust is not only reflected in traffic and conversion rates, but also reflected in how well ranked websites impress users, and in order to improve the ranking of the website optimization, such as excellent web design, good copy, rich knowledge articles, etc., but also the user clicks into the website to obtain a good user experience. And select the same site in your next search preference. In this virtuous circle, the site can establish a good brand image and stable search results ranking, which is why it is necessary to do a good job of SEO.

SEO Search engine optimization is a digital marketing approach that requires a long-term commitment. In addition to the efforts needed to optimize the early stage, it is also necessary to constantly check the effectiveness of the optimization, and constantly maintain and update. Many of the benefits that SEO can bring are difficult to achieve by other channels, so SEO is a necessary item for corporate brands to do digital marketing. SEO optimization needs to take into account a variety of projects, including visual design, content, website production techniques, and follow-up analysis. Therefore, many corporate brands choose to hand over to professional network marketing companies, and professional teams will provide more comprehensive SEO search engine optimization services.