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VA health care costs how much?

VA health care costs how much?

How's it going everyone? My name's Mikeand I've been covered by VA health carefor more than a decade. I'm here to tellyou, the biggest difference between VAand the health insurance optionsavailable to civilians is the cost. WithVA health care, there are no annual fees,there are no premiums, there are nodeductibles. Some Veterans may accrueco-pays, but they are minimal and theyare capped. So, if you are healthy andmaintain your enrollment status, youessentially will never pay a dime foryour health care coverage. 

Yet it willalways be there when you need it. Solet's dive into some of the facts. Stufflike flu shots, lab work, and other basicservices, or what the VA calls preventivemedicine, is free for all enrolledVeterans. All care associated with yourservice-connected disability will befree. That includes counseling, imaging,medications, medical supplies, and anyother service you may need to care foryour service connected injury. 

Veteransover 50% disabled will have no medicalcosts at a VA facility, period. Veteranswho are 70% disabled will be happy toknow they can expect assistance withthings like nursing home care, long-termresidential care, adult day care, respitecare, and other programs associated withgeriatrics. 

Veterans who are 100%disabled can expect everything I'vealready mentioned, to include free dentalcoverage. I challenge you to find healthinsurance that promises to cover yourmedical needs without fees or premiums -it doesn't exist unless you are enrolledin VA health care. In addition to thehealth care services you would expect tofind at any hospital, VA also helpsVeterans with finding housing, education,job assistance programs, and evenstarting your own business. VA canliterally help you no matter where youare in life. Like I said, I've been usingVA health care for more than a decadeand it has yet to cost me a single penny.So do me a favor, enroll in VA healthcare, it doesn't cost anything to enroll,it's free, and begin connecting withbenefits you have earned and deserve.

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