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Couples not getting along? Try these three ways to regulate

Couples not getting along? Try these three ways to regulate

There used to be some people who they thought that men stick to China for a long time because we are smaller there. And now there are some people feel that prostate inflammation is only a very important problem reason why men stick to the society soon. So what are the reasons why students produce affect prostatitis?

1, sedentary.

In today's society, more and more work needs to be done in front of the computer. Working in front of a computer requires sitting on a stool or chair, and sitting on a chair for a long time can lead to prostate problems. Sitting for a long time, the pressure of the abdomen on the prostate is higher, female clit stimulatorand the residual urine in the urethra can easily enter the prostate tube, leading to inflammation.

2, Not drinking enough water every day.

People need to drink enough water every day. If they are dehydrated, it can easily cause various diseases. For men, if they often do not drink water, urine is easy to concentrate, and the concentrated urine back into the prostate tube will cause great harm and seriously affect the function of the prostate.

3, have habitual constipation.

Men who suffer from habitual constipation, their prostate gland will also be affected in many cases. The posterior lobe of the prostate is closely connected to the rectum. If constipation occurs, the feces in the intestines is likely to squeeze the prostate forward, affecting blood circulation. Moreover, when a person is constipated, it usually produces some harmful substances that tend to lower the body's immunity.

Men properly lasting to maintain cordial husband and wife common life is very likely to help, vibrating egg for women then this man wants to last, can be from what problems by adjusting it?

1, control ejaculation.

When a man is stimulating his penis, there are two things he can do well: (1) pay attention to his sexual tension; (2) pay attention to his ejaculation, which, if done well, is useful for exercise. If the two of you are well coordinated, you can train once or twice a week.

2. Appropriate distractions.

Avoiding other verbal activities and appropriately reducing stimulation of the penis can make men last longer.

Talk briefly with your partner.

A short communication not only strengthens the relationship between the two sides, but also can get some physical satisfaction. Relaxing, going in and out, or even lying still and doing nothing afterward, is a treat and amounts to a brief emotional exchange.

Men can try to hold on for a short time,clitoral suction stimulator it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the future development.

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