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Is the higher the output power of the car vacuum cleaner the better?

Is the higher the output power of the car vacuum cleaner the better?

Many vehicle drivers are very hesitant wholesale wet dry car vacuum cleaner to choose to buy a car vacuum cleaner, the size, output power, line length and so on is not very clear, especially in the output power level, afraid that the output power becomes smaller adsorption power is weaker, and afraid that the output power is very large burn car cigarette lighter, then the car vacuum cleaner output power is better? How to choose a car vacuum cleaner?

The most important thing is gateway payment processing that the output power of the vacuum cleaner is not the bigger the better, given that the size of the suction power of the vacuum cleaner does not lie in the power of the motor, the important thing is how much the relative density of the gas in the dust collector bin, the car type car cleaner is also based on the high speed of the motor, generating a vacuum pump inside the host and by virtue of which leads to a fast cyclone to inhale dust, shredded paper and other waste from the suction inlet. For the car vacuum cleaner, the motor is it cardiovascular, its function is superior immediately determine the stability of the vacuum cleaner.

As an example, most of bluetooth earbuds the electric fan motor used by everyone's family, its speed ratio is about 1800~3600 revolutions per minute, using this as a reference, while the motor of the car vacuum cleaner rotates 20,000~40,000 revolutions per minute, very many people basically use the input power size as the characteristics of the vacuum cleaner business, which I think is a misunderstanding.


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