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N reasonable and legal ways to work in Hong Kong

N reasonable and legal ways to work in Hong Kong

According to Hong Kong media reports, best cloud mining at this stage, there is a relatively obvious employment shortage situation occurring in some areas of Hong Kong. Some information shows that by 2023, the proportion of human capital population in Hong Kong will be reduced from 52.1% to 46.1%. Engineering and construction, catering industry, community elderly services and other fields will occur obvious recruitment difficulties. There are vacancies in employment, but those who want to work in Hong Kong have the problem of difficult applications for work in Hong Kong, which creates the situation of illegal working in Hong Kong to make money.

Not long ago, the Immigration cnc milling prototype Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government conducted a special anti-illegal labor regulation and arrested a total of 26 people. According to the laws and regulations of Hong Kong, the patrons hiring illegal labor force can be sentenced to a penalty of 35 NTD RMB and three years of imprisonment; meanwhile, the tourists are not illegal in working in Hong Kong, and the violators can be sentenced to a penalty of 5 NTD RMB and two years of imprisonment.

So what are the ways to work in Hong Kong in a reasonable and legal way?

Hong Kong as one of the world's working visa hong kong highly competitive emerging economies, for many years attach great importance to the recruitment and shaping of non-Hong Kong talented people, one after another to implement a variety of talent introduction program, in which the outstanding talent entry program and key to the domestic talent program means, attracting a lot of domestic personnel to work in Hong Kong, the following by me to you one by one summary.

Outstanding talent entry program to enlist the world's elite to Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Outstanding Talent Admission Scheme, commonly known as the Talented Persons Scheme, is a scheme in Hong Kong to attract outstanding talent from around the world to settle in Hong Kong. Since its release in 2006, the scheme has attracted many outstanding domestic and foreign talents to settle in Hong Kong, including Fu Mingxia and Li Yundi. The program does not require the applicant to be employed by a Hong Kong company in order to be sent to the applicant for a visa to Hong Kong, and the application process is very simple for many elite people.

The quota is about 1000 per year, and all applicants must meet the basic qualifications before they can compete with other applicants in the market for the quota system under one of the 2 sets of scoring rules and regulations set up by the program. The "Employment Points System". The "Achievement Points System" is designed for people with exceptional talent or skills and outstanding achievements. The "comprehensive point system" scores different ages, diplomas, work experience, language skills and family situations, with 165 points out of 100, and a passing score of 80 can be submitted for application, and then merit-based hiring is carried out.



In Hong Kong, how long does it take to obtain a work visa?

After receiving the necessary paperwork, it typically takes four weeks to process visa and entry permit applications for employment. The application cannot begin processing until all the necessary paperwork and information have been submitted to the Immigration Department.

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