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Is it necessary to install smart curtains?


With the continuous development of intelligent technology, smart motorized curtains have come into being. So is it worth installing smart curtains?

1. Easy to operate

Intelligent electric curtains are driven by the motor, remote control, no need to go to the front of the curtains to manually pull, just press the button, you can realize the automatic opening and closing of the curtains, lifting and lowering, it is very convenient, to provide people with more comfort and leisure experience. For villas or duplexes of large windows, curtains are larger, higher position, pulling the curtains is very inconvenient, intelligent motorized curtains can easily solve this "inconvenience"!

2. Highlight the upscale atmosphere of the space.

Intelligent Electric curtain track have become the curtain choice for high-end hotels, halls, conference halls, villas, apartments and buildings. A good horse with a good saddle, ordinary curtains grade and style can not meet the needs of these high-end places. Intelligent curtains are high-tech products applied to traditional curtains, and the temperament is consistent with high-end places.

3. Various control methods

Intelligent Motorized Curtain Track have a variety of control and management methods, in addition to the remote control, but also at the same time through the cell phone APP remote control, touch control panel control capabilities and call Xiaozhi for analysis of voice control, fully taking into account the use of different scenarios encountered in a variety of environmental issues.

4. Good mute effect

Intelligent electric curtains use high-quality silent beads and gear drive belt operation, the friction between the two to achieve the lowest sound, much less noise than the traditional curtains, basically bringing a perfect silent effect.

5. Can be matched with a variety of intelligentized scenes

Intelligent control curtain system can be widely used in many different scenarios such as wake-up scene, audio-visual scene, entertainment life scene, going home/leaving home and so on. Such as wake-up mode, to the set wake-up work time, curtains automatically open for you, in the movie mode curtains automatically choose to close and so on.

6. Anti-theft function

Intelligent electric curtains also have a function that can not be ignored - anti-theft. If the user is not at home for a long time, they will worry about being found. Decorative smart motorized curtains, even if the owner left for a long time. The curtains can also be opened or closed in daily life, creating the illusion that someone is home to prevent unethical elements from coveting them. The burglary prevention effect will be even better if you add the timed switching of lights on and off every day!

As the competitive landscape of the smart building industry has evolved this year, the electric curtain segment has grown at an uncontrollable pace. In addition to appearance and price, what consumers need to consider when purchasing electric curtains should also be evaluated in conjunction with the brand, quality, and use of the electric curtains.