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Curtains to buy five major misunderstandings, four money-saving tricks to let you buy quality soft furnishing curtains


Curtains do have a great role in home design, but only if we can choose curtains. In fact, buying curtains is very simple. Just avoid the following misunderstandings. Let's take a look.

First, curtains purchase misunderstanding

1. pleated 2 times better look a little bit

I believe that many people know that fabric design curtains are wrinkled, but many people will not ask about wrinkles when buying curtains.

So, on the basis and premise that you do not ask, the curtain store owner will always give you the default twice the fold. In fact, the folds of curtains are usually between 1.5 times and 2 times!

2. Is the offer for curtains one or two layers?

Many people choose to install two layers of curtains because the first veil blocks out light but still leaves a ray of light that doesn't completely darken the room. This room is more comfortable and doesn't need the lights on.

So many businesses will take advantage of this customer demand ambiguous to quote, in fact, the offer is a layer of Roman Shade Curtain of money but the owners will mistakenly think that it is two layers of money will happily buy, but the actual bill only to find that this is a layer of money!

3. The whole wall is curtains look better

Many people in the installation of curtains will feel confused inside, my home in the end is the installation of a wall it or only install the window side, it is clear that the store owner must fool you that the front wall is more good-looking, of course, this I do not deny, because the carrot and greens each have their own love, we all have their own views and opinions is also very normal.

4. Curtain accessories and fittings are not expensive

Buy curtains, many people always feel that the curtains themselves are the most expensive things, because the fabric area. In fact, the owner of this place can not earn you much money, but curtain fittings and accessories are the most profitable.

5. added curtains look better

Many girls feel that the curtains look better with a curtain, which will make the whole home have a romantic feeling. In fact, this curtains do not add is also very good-looking, now want to minimalist style, now Scandinavian style are advocating simplicity, not add curtains more good-looking!

Second, curtain customization details

1. Curtain fabric try to choose dark color, do not figure cheap choice of light color, light curtain shading performance is not good dark color. If, on the light is very sensitive, you can choose to have a shade cloth curtains.

2. After the installation of the curtains, the height of 3-5cm from the ground can be. This will avoid dirtying the curtains when mopping the floor. Be sure to confirm with the curtain store, lest later, the size of the error.

3. Curtains in addition to shading, but also has the function of protecting furniture. Especially in the western part of the home with serious sunlight, you must increase the shade cloth. Over time, the home floor, cabinets, doors, etc., will be tanned and discolored deformation. Curtains are tanned by the sun, easy to replace, other replacement is more troublesome.

4. Don't just wrap a curtain cloth to save money, white veil is also a must. Both can protect privacy and not block the light. Simple white veil can be, not too fancy.

5. After installing the curtains, don't move in because you are in a hurry, the smell of the curtain fabric is also very heavy, try to dry for a few more days, and then move in.