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Blinds price and material selection: decorative and functional and important

Blinds are more commonly used in home decor as traditional window treatmentsBlinds are more commonly used in home decor as traditional window treatments. Are blinds expensive? The price of ordinary wooden blinds is about 300 yuan/square meter, and the price of blinds made of good wood is much more expensive.shutter window The price of aluminum alloy shutters on the market now is about 150 yuan/square meter. You know the specification types of shutter gauge

Really? Currently on the market shutters are mainly divided into aluminum shutters, wooden shutters, Lance shutters and classical shutters.

First, the shutters how much a square meter shutters to carry out the latest product price main introduction

As part of home decoration, the unique decorative effect of shutters is other ordinary windows can not achieve the decorative effect, many consumers in the consideration of the use of shutters, the price reference is an unavoidable factor, so now on the market in general what kind of price of shutters, general shutters is how many square meters?sheer fabric Through the understanding of the current market price of shutters, I now make a summary of the latest price of shutters.

Now on the market shutters are mainly divided into:Wooden shutters and aluminum alloy shutters.

1, The price of wooden shutters

Wooden shutters of natural wood grain in home decoration often play a natural smooth feeling, so the natural decorative effect of wooden shutters is often the reason why many consumers choose, and according to the different raw materials of wood, the price of wooden shutters also vary greatly. Ordinary wooden shutters are priced at about 300 yuan u002f square meters, but if it is a good wood then it will be much more expensive. Generally pine camphor wood and other better wood blinds can cost thousands.green fabric Generally buy blinds, many businesses will include the cost of installing blinds, so generally can install themselves, you can let the business to remove this cost.

2, blinds for the price of aluminum alloy metal blinds

Small series in the market to understand, now the aluminum alloy shutters are divided into aluminum composite shutters, aluminum composite shutters as the modern market aluminum alloy shutters products, has its unique advantages. The price of ordinary aluminum alloy shutters is slightly higher than that of wooden shutters. The price of good aluminum alloy shutters is roughly equivalent to the price of wooden shutters. The price of aluminum alloy shutters on the market now is about 150 yuan per square meter, and the price of good aluminum alloy shutters is about 30% higher than the price of poor aluminum alloy shutters.

Second, what are the characteristics of different materials of shutters?

The shutters on the market are mainly divided into aluminum shutters, wooden shutters, lens shutters and classical shutters. The following small series according to four different types of shutters to introduce their functional characteristics.

Aluminum shutters

Functional characteristics:

1.The main function of aluminum alloy shutters is to regulate light, improve visual comfort, improve indoor air circulation, improve thermal comfort, enhance privacy, and save energy.


2.The blades are selected to provide high-quality products material, good elasticity, high strength, not easy to produce deformation.

Part of the use of titanium oxide curtain wall coating, can be purified with ultraviolet reaction, with anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, deodorization and purification of air self-cleaning effect.

Wooden shutters

Functional characteristics:

1. The blades are made of high-grade solid wood with a central opening in the trunk. Each window blind is coated four times with special drying and sealing treatment to strictly control the moisture content.

No cracks or deformation will occur in long-term use.

2, The surface of the blade is smooth and even, with excellent texture and luster, and a variety of colors to choose from, with color matching and personalized color matching options to meet the personalized needs of home decoration.

Lance Blinds

Functional Characteristics:

With a kind of high elasticity, anti-bending, non-scratch physical structure characteristics 100% polyester compounds and textile materials made of, make the curtain sheet more lightweight some environmental protection, aging resistance.

Classical blinds

Functional characteristics:

1. solid wood classic system design, upper, middle and lower rails, ladders and ropes in the same color, blades in different colors with to meet the personalized design style.

2.Curtain blades are made of waterproof blinds, aluminum blinds, and Lance blinds (fabric curtain blades) to meet the requirements of home decoration and functionality.

Full set of high-grade antique bronze system, grade style means a long time, the operation is flexible and nimble.

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