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What are the types of undergraduate college scholarships and how much does each one cost

What are the types of undergraduate college scholarships and how much does each one cost

Students who are able to get into college are excellent, and schools offer a variety of scholarships for these outstanding students, whether they are local or non-local students. In order to encourage students' overall development, schools have different types of college scholarships, so what are the specific types of scholarships and how much does each one cost?

College scholarships: Entrance scholarships.

Some students who have received a letter of acceptance from the university after the college entrance examination can apply for an entrance scholarship before the official start of the school year, this type of university scholarship is mainly for those students who have excellent academic performance in high school, but the application for this type of scholarship requires an interview, and the full scholarship is usually HK$195,000 a year, or US$25,000 a year.

University Scholarships: Cultural Ambassador Scholarships

The student body in a school is diverse, and students generally come from all over the world, from different regions and nationalities. Therefore, some schools have set up a special university scholarship for minority students who are not local students, also known as the Cultural Ambassador Scholarship. Students who receive this scholarship can receive a one-time support of HK$50,000 during their freshman year.

University Scholarships: Faculty Scholarships.

Different departments in different colleges in the university will also provide some additional scholarships for students according to their academic and interview results, such as the Department of Bilingual Studies or the Department of English, etc. Of course, the specific information on how much these additional university scholarships are will have to be obtained from each department and each teacher.

University scholarship No. 4: Post-entry scholarships.

This type of scholarship is mainly for college students who are already enrolled in college, and is based on the student's academic or non-academic performance, as well as some specific requirements of the scholarship donor. Most of the scholarship candidates are nominated by specialized academic departments, but some are open to public competition.

There are many other types of scholarships, for example, there is also the Belt and Road Scholarship, etc. Each school sets up different university scholarships, so if you meet the criteria for the above scholarships, you can apply to try.