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Shanghai 3d printing company: plastic 3D printing out of the 7 advantages!

Shanghai 3d printing company: plastic 3D printing out of the 7 advantages!
Wuhan Yi Cheng three-dimensional East Rail Line Extension is China's advanced 3D printing out of a comprehensive plan program dealers, since the beginning is committed to manufacturing, culture and education, scientific research, military and other industries, so far has been about 600 famous colleges and universities, scientific research units, about 10000 companies institutions to give professional 3D printing equipment, service projects and platform data intelligent manufacturing use plan program.
"Which raw materials should I apply to carry out 3D printing out?" This is but the first question you are likely to think of when developing and designing new projects. In Wuhan Yi Cheng 3D high-tech, we bring you the probability of applying many different kinds of 3D raw materials to carry out 3D printing out. From PEBA plastic to stainless steel plate and poly nozzle epoxy resin, you can pick the raw material that meets the actual your expectations. Today, let's devote ourselves to plastic 3D printing and see what the specific competitive advantages of using this raw material for 3D printing are. According to everyone's recent scientific research, 3D printing out, plastic materials are still more used in the field of 3D printing. But why is this type of raw material so attractive? How do you flexibly use the technicality of 3D printing with the application of plastic products? Discover the advantages of plastic printing right away!

3D printing out of plastic materials

The technicality of 3D property management software printing out of plastic that we apply in Wuhan Yi Cheng 3D High-Tech is called SLS, which is used to calcine by selective laser. This is also a kind of technology based on the powder form. This type of additive method additive parts based on calcined fine re-powderable particles to partially bond them together. It will combine the powdered particles step by step according to your 3D file.
HPMultiJetFusion technicalities can also be found on people's sites, giving an excellent plastic: MultiJetFusionPA12, the gray-black version number or the non-colored version number. You can use different kinds of plastic to produce new items of manufacturing plastic. Let's see their benefits.

Examples of new projects made with plastic 3D printing

As we have seen in the case of prototype plastic parts 3D printing, plastic is still the most attractive raw material for 3D printing customers. In fact, 65% of the respondents in our scientific study have already 3D printed their new projects using plastic. This type of printout raw material follows the 3D printing out of metal materials, even though it has many benefits, it is not really a cost effective production technology. Everyone picked a different 3D printed new item made out of plastic. Get design inspiration from this astounding 3D printed new project.


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How big are the plastic components made?

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