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Interesting in a sentence: how to use?

Interesting in a sentence: how to use?

She strikes me as being a pretty fascinating person. The results of our survey were really intriguing. He spoke about a lot of fascinating topics. Doing something is intriguing. The outcome will be intriguing to watch.

What are five incredible synonyms?

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What does the verb "be interesting" mean?

Interest Synonyms and Definitions He/she/it interests in the present tense; interesting in the past tense; interested in the past participle; interested in the present tense.

Is the adjective "most interesting" used?

An adjective that defines the object to which a person or individuals are reacting is interesting. Things that we find interesting and desire to learn more about include the following examples: One of the most intriguing novels I've read this year is this one.

What would you say is interesting?

A book that is intriguing, entertaining, and keeps readers' interest. pique one's curiosity: an intriguing face.

Why do we use the word interesting?

The definition of interesting is "attracting your attention." When something or someone is described as interesting, it means that it grabs your attention or that it is neither monotonous or uninteresting. Here are a few instances of intriguing in use.

What else could you call interesting?

alternatives for intriguing
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What word is the root of interesting?

Originally, the term "interesting" denoted something "of concern" and was a synonym for "important." Its origins can be traced back to the word interest, which originally meant "to induce or persuade to participate or engage." If you were interested in something, you wouldn't be content to watch from the sidelines; instead, you would feel compelled to participate or engage.

What makes anything so fascinating, exactly?

Other Words That Mean "Interesting"FASCINATING. His discourse was captivating and fascinating. She presented a strong case against the new software.THOUGHT-PROVOKING. I found your inquiry to be quite thought-provoking.INSPIRING. This morning's speech by Rachel was incredibly motivating....br> ENGROSSING....br>IMPRESSIVE....br>INTRIGUING....br>NEWSWORTHY....br>More things...

What word in English means interesting?

engaging; captivating; intriguing. gripping/riveting/compelling. enthralling.