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What is Japan's interest rate for three months?

What is Japan's interest rate for three months?

Japanese Yen: Month-End TIBOR: Japan Short-Term Interest Rate: In April 2023, 3 Months was reported as 0.07% pa, down from 0.07% pa the previous month.

What is the interest rate on Japanese 10-year bonds?

Basic Information 0.4%The interest rate on Japan's 10-year government bonds is currently 0.41%, down from 0.40% the day before and 0.24% last year. This is less than the 2.12% long-term average.

In Chinese, what does jiu hu mean?

Cuttlefish, one of the dish's two primary ingredients, is referred to as "jiu hu." Stir-fry is referred to as 'char'. Jiu hu char, then, is cuttlefish that has been stir-fried.

What does the Chinese word Qu mean?

To hasten, hurry, walk quickly, approach, tend toward, or converge is what the verb / [Qu] means. dialects: Chinese.

In Chinese, what does Fang Cai mean?

Si Fang Cai () literally translates as "dish for the private room." Its roots may be traced back to the Ming Dynasty and are the equivalent of a speakeasy supper club in Chinese culture. Celestial Peach and HCCS have launched a fundraising campaign called Si Fang Cai.

In Chinese, what does Jia Jing mean?

Jiajing, the name of the Jiajing Emperor's period, is Chinese for "admirable tranquility."

What does a significant age difference mean for Chinese couples?

Unfavorable Age Difference

However, there is a superstition regarding the age gap in Chinese culture. Dating or getting married to someone who is either 3 or 6 years older or younger than you is unlucky. Therefore, if you're 25, you shouldn't date a 22- or 31-year-old.

What's your lover's phone number in Chinese?

Qn'ài de is one of the most popular Chinese nicknames used by Chinese couples to refer to their significant other. It has the same connotations as the English words "darling" and "dearest." Regardless of gender, you can use the term to refer to a loved one, and married and dating couples alike both use it.

What does "w Dian" mean in Chinese?

误点 Tradition: wù din. (Airlines, public transportation) not on time, late, and behind schedule.

Is qi accurate?

According to Chinese philosophy, qi is the life force that is innate in all things. Alternatively, you might use the word "qis." Acupuncture works by manipulating the force. You might be used to writing the word "chi," but the "qi" form has become more popular.