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What was I thinking when I was drinking whiskey?

What was I thinking when I was drinking whiskey?



The first thing I think about when I drink a whisky is the taste of it. Whisky, especially single malt whisky tasting process, aroma is a very important part, many low and medium-aged whisky aroma is usually richer than the taste, but whisky course also more can bring people a sense of satisfaction.

The taste of whiskey is considered to be the most similar to the taste of food in all spirits, but to identify these flavors, it requires some life experience. For example, the most common flavor of bourbon barrels is vanilla. I have scraped vanilla pods with a knife in a western kitchen and remember this flavor very well, so I can always recognize the smell of vanilla first when I smell whiskey.

You don't always need to limit yourself to a specific flavor vocabulary, as familiar food flavors in life are sufficient for writing wine reviews. For example, we can usually see dried blueberries, raspberries, raspberries and other flavors in the sherry cask whisky reviews, which are common fruits in Europe and the United States, but we Chinese do not often eat, in fact, we use the fruit Dan Pi, hawthorn cake, date paste pastry and other familiar Chinese food as a substitute is no problem at all.

Some friends are always bothered by the inability to accurately distinguish the various flavors of whiskey, and even spend a lot of money to buy "nose". As long as we pay a little attention in ordinary life, we can find that this is not a problem. Whether it is the food stall in the mall, or the dessert area of the cafeteria, are very good "training ground".



When you taste a whisky, each flavor you feel does not appear out of thin air, they have gone through a process before finally appearing in the glass. Each step of the whisky making process has a degree of influence on the final taste of the whisky.

In fact, the process of whisky is not complicated, but it depends on the final taste of the whisky, such as the fermentation time, the typecarpet and hard floor steam cleaner of stills, the oak barrels used for aging and so on.

For the new enthusiasts, talking about the process seems a bit too deep, but when we get in touch with more and more distilleries and start to notice the difference in style between different distilleries, we will naturally start to care about the differences in the process of each distillery, and the exploration of the process of whisky will also become targeted.

Some friends used to "sarcastically" I said, I eat pork do not have to learn to breed? Of course we don't need to learn farming, but we can learn about the difference in meat quality and taste of different breeds and origins of pigs, and the reasons for the difference in pork taste, such as climate, pig feed structure, living environment and so on. This is the fun part for us enthusiasts, maybe this knowledge is not useful at all, but it is fun.


The experience

The main thing in a wine tasting is the experience that the wine brings us. We can show it in an easy and intuitive way like delicious or not so good. But because everyone's feelings are subjective, even if two people sit together Kids21 and taste a whisky at the same time, the feelings of two people may be very different.

If we can express the good and bad parts of a drink in more detail, it may be more informative for other enthusiasts and easier to communicate. However, because each person has a different form of expression and a different understanding of some words, wine reviews can only be an aid and reference in the end.