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How can a home computer mine bitcoin? How much money can I make mining on my home pc in a day?


How can a home computer mine bitcoin? Recently, bitcoin has become popular again, and many friends, after learning about the mining industry and mining money, have expressed an interest in mining, but the mining machine is prohibitively expensive, and they do not want to start mining machines llgo. Instead, they want to use home computer mining, but they do not know how much revenue a day home computer mining generates, nor do they know whether home computer mining harms computers. Take a look at this full introduction!

The first thing you must understand is how to mine a computer. Consider Bitcoin mining: if you have a computer with internet connection, you can download a Bitcoin mining application from the official Bitcoin website. You will be able to get a particular quantity of bitcoins if you successfully finish the "one math problem."

Although it seems to be simple, it is not. The limitations of mining on a home computer are determined by the machine's GPU, CPU, and RAM, and mining is currently exceedingly tough, with bitcoins slashed in half, making it harder to mine. Nowadays, mining is a pricey endeavor since you must setup a particular mining equipment to do it. Each computer is connected to 68 graphics cards, and a relatively recent mining machine with 13 T computational power can mine 0.004549382 bitcoins 24 hours a day. With just a few hundreds of units, such a mining machine may use up to 10,000 kWh of power every month.

And how much energy do you think it would require with a mining equipment using 400 watts under typical conditions?

In terms of the current bitcoin market, while not the previous $10,000 time, now half the value of the coin, but also worth more than 30,000 yuan a, so, how long to dig an if you use a home computer mining?

A professional bitcoin miner previously determined that mining a bitcoin on a home computer requires at least 800 days of continuous effort, and the cost alone may outweigh the worth of the bitcoin itself.

Don't think that a few thousand computer, 800 days for 30,000 is quite cost-effective ah, in fact, you have to consider your electricity costs, mining is not standby, a few dozen dollars a day electricity costs easily add up, counting, bitcoin mining out can earn a few thousand dollars, remove the computer money, in good cases can also earn a couple of thousand dollars it.

Furthermore, given the cost loss of equipment, full-time currency mining is very certainly a losing venture. It is important to note that the value of bitcoin varies significantly, and with the increase of state control of virtual currencies, the future of bitcoin applications is questionable.

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