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Kitchen storage from the cabinet design to make the kitchen decoration more practical

Kitchen storage from the cabinet design to make the kitchen decoration more practical

Some families find that after the kitchen renovation, the space is still not effectively improved, the arrangement of the east and west is chaotic, especially when using open kitchen design, the visual effect will be worse, it is difficult to achieve the effect of simplicity. In fact, this is if the work of kitchen storage is not done well, resulting in the practicality of storage greatly reduced. It is recommended to start with cabinet design and set the golden rule that suitable cabinets should be based on personal usage habits, so that kitchen utensils and other items can be properly stored and easily accessible at any time.

The importance of cabinets for kitchen storage

Whether it is a large kitchen or a small kitchen, cabinets are an important presence and the soul of the whole kitchen. Nowadays, many cabinets have built-in design, so that the cooking stove, oven, refrigerator and even washing machine can be placed neatly and the kitchen environment is more simple and fashionable. Therefore, when you need to renovate your kitchen, you should give full consideration to the design of cabinets to make more space for kitchen storage, so that the overall layout can be more consistent.

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How to improve the kitchen storage effect

Cabinetry is an important tool for kitchen storage, but most people do not know how to use it properly. In fact, during kitchen renovation, you can weave different sizes of cabinets according to the location of the cabinets, with floor drawer design and custom-made dividing accessories according to user habits. Floor cabinets are good for storing larger items, so you can make the most of kitchen storage. Therefore, a uniform size of drawers is not good for storage, so I hope you can keep this point in mind.

Make use of the corner position for kitchen storage

In Hong Kong, there are a lot of special house types, so there are a lot of corner positions when custom-made cabinets are made. In fact, if you add some more practical kitchen storage accessories, you can play its role. For example, by concealing a corner turntable in a corner location, this hidden space can be further revitalized and you can easily access the items you need without having to squat down and look deep into the cabinets. In short, kitchen storage starts from the cabinet, you will be more comfortable with it.