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What are the operation talents of SEO optimization?

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Many businesses in today's culture have recognized the importance of SEO, a product that a firm needs to seo company in singapore collaborate with network marketing. As a result, companies seek SEO optimization to boost their ranking. What is SEO optimization? SEO is an abbreviation for SearchEngineOptimization, which translates to "Search Engine Optimization" in Chinese.What is the fundamental function of SEO?

First, modify the site's TDK.

TDK is the title, description, keywords, title with keywords, not too long, the same keywords cannot appear more than once, otherwise the word will be judged keyword stacking, description of the keywords as many times as possible to appear once, but do not write too long, otherwise it will affect the current rankings, the seriousness of the site will also cause the site's downgrading, the website has a great impact.

Second, make changes to the website's content.

Put the site in the right quantity of keywords, with keyword density ranging from 2% to 8%, since too much might lead to stacking. The website requires a friendly link section and a news update section; the friendly link can increase your website traffic, thereby improving keyword ranking; the news update block fixed time to update the content, so that the search engine spiders know that this website will be updated at this point in time, thereby increasing the amount of spider crawling. Pictures on the website must have ALT tags filled out; if the picture does not have ALT tags, the spider can recognize it; therefore, let us add ALT tags to allow the spider to identify. It should be noted that the ALT information of the image cannot be filled in completely.

Finally, robot agreement settings

Robots agreement is a text file, search engine spiders will give priority to visit robots file, from which I learned what the text of the site page is accessible, what page is not accessible, so that spiders visit efficiently.

Fourth, create a site map sitemap.

Site sitemap map will offer a framework for the spider, so that the spider can access the site page more quickly and effectively. The spider will know which pages from the priority list to visit, allowing you to maximize search traffic.

Fifth, the 404 page settings webpage

When a user clicks on the erroneous link to access the 404 page, he or she can click on the link to return to the home page or other pages. There is another 404 page for search engine spiders; sometimes spiders may purposefully break into the dead link; when this happens, the spider will be guided to the right page to boost traffic.

Sixth, the single chain and dead chain removal website

Website single chain and dead chain will cause the flow to be reduced, thus the website with this connection should be removed.

The following are the fundamental operations of SEO optimization; as long as the site performs well in these fundamental operations, your site will be on track, and its ranking will progressively increase.