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The high-end replacement of the industrial chain is the main line

The high-end replacement of the industrial chain is the main line

The high-end replacement of the industrial chain is the main line,barcode scanning solutions and the attention of frontier innovation and basic breakthrough has doubled. In 2023, the domestic substitution of high value-added links of the industrial chain is still the main line, and the basic substitution logic will shift from the capital drive of the previous few years to the internal circulation market. More domestic machine system manufacturers in new infrastructure, new energy, digital economy, and information consumption scenarios will accelerate the verification and procurement of domestic chips, and Fan Xinchuang's market coverage will be further expanded to finance, electric power, rail transit, operators and other fields. Supply chain links such as semiconductor equipment, materials and parts, and high-end general purpose chips such as memory are affected by new regulations in the United States, and the localization progress has entered a dynamic adjustment period. Manufacturing and equipment enterprises have significantly increased their support for domestic basic materials and parts enterprises, and the verification progress has been accelerated. At the same time, it will focus on Chipletu002F advanced packaging, PIC photonic integrated circuits, MRAMu002FRRAM emerging memory, RISC-V computing architecture, gallium oxide and other cutting-edge innovations and fundamental fields.

Play a good "market" and "system" brand,precision automation systems a new round of industrial policy cycle is brewing, ready to go. The "Document No. 18" in 2000, the "New Document No. 4" in 2011, the "Outline" in 2014 and the "New Document No. 8" in 2020 together constitute the key nodes of China's semiconductor industry policy system and continuously promote the sustainable development of the industry. The importance of industrial policy is not only to solve key technical problems in specific fields, but also to solve the corresponding innovation system and ecological construction problems. Under the influence of many factors such as the escalation of the Sino-US strategic game, the increasingly uncertain semiconductor supply chain situation, semiconductor manufacturing solutionsand weak domestic market demand, the new semiconductor industrial policy cycle is 2023.

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