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What are the advantages and disadvantages of various payment methods?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of various payment methods?

From the previous cash payment to brush savings card, to bank credit card, to Alipay wallet, cell phone WeChat, this payment method you are more habitual with which one? The following key to the advantages and disadvantages of various payment methods are summarized.

1、Cash payment

This type of payment method will not be rusty, usually buy some small items or roadside snacks shopping can not brush credit card or other methods of payment more application of cash, but if it is a large amount of transactions, cash is likely to be very troublesome chinese payment system, and if you bring too much cash may also enhance the risk.

2、Payment by savings card

Application of savings card payment, the card must have sufficient account balance, in other words, brush a savings card shopping, you have to first deposit to the card, naturally the money in the card financial institutions will pay interest on loans according to demand savings. Although the brush up is also convenient, but if you want to shop and found that the card balance is not enough, you can not completely buy and sell.

3, card consumption payment

The greater advantage of the bank credit card is that you can early overdraft transactions, which also solves the difficulty of wanting to buy this item, the balance of the savings card is insufficient, the bank credit card does not have to save first, immediately you can first use the financial institutions to let your credit line, only to the final repayment date to pay off the credit card bill can be.

But bank credit cards are also flawed, for the Internet users who can not control the impulse to trade, if the ability to repay the loan is limited also need to unrestrained overdraft credit card, then once the loan is not returned, not only will occur a variety of loan interest, will continue to jeopardize personal credit history. So it is very scratchy.

4, cell phone WeChat, Alipay payment

The vast majority of businesses today are also open cell phone WeChat, Alipay wallet payment method, but the money here is also based on the savings card transfer in or bank card binding can be used, the greater benefit is the convenience of going out with only a cell phone WeChat, Alipay wallet on the phone can buy back the things you want.