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How does the payment gateway work?

How does the payment gateway work?

When a customer puts what they want into their cart, they go to the checkout - that's where the checkout process begins. While the whole process only takes a few seconds, what's going on in the background looks complicated:

01 Checkout

During checkout, payment gateway system architecture,the payment gateway generates a new order in the system. Customers we need to complete the payment data of the credit card. Once the data is obtained by the system, the payment gateway will encrypt and store the data in strict accordance with the pCI DSS security rules, and send it to the merchant's acquirer.

02 From acquirer to processing center

The encrypted data collected will be transmitted to the payment network operated by the bank and then to the processing center.

03 Transaction successful or rejected

At this stage of development, the processing technology center authorizes payment methods and establishes social connections with the corresponding card issuers to ensure payment accuracy. The payment gateway will receive a response regarding the success or rejection of the business marketplace.

04 Successful transaction

When the issuing bank approves the transaction, the payment gateway takes the final transaction result and transmits it to the merchant's website to notify the customer whether the transaction was completed or rejected (as the case may be).

05 The payment gateway feeds back the transaction result to the merchant

06 payment and settlement

The payment security gateway settles the payment method to the merchant.