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Several types of online payments are available for butong

Several types of online payments are available for butong

The difference lies in the limitation of credit card overdraft and billing system software the need for debit card to save and pay the balance in advance.

Secondly, for merchants, the payment rates for these two cards are different.

2. Online banking payment.

The payment process is generally in the e-commerce checkout select the bank payment, and then enter the corresponding bank payment page, enter the bank card account number, password, the use of u shield, etc..

After payment and then return to the e-commerce platform, automated recurring billing so the payment process is relatively complex, the experience is also poor.

3. Third-party payment refers to the payment method developed by a more powerful and reputable third-party organization, which must hold a payment license issued by the state.

The third-party payment method can integrate the bank cards of many commercial banks together, and then unified and CUP docking, for enterprise user management is very convenient for payment development, this section we will explain in detail later.

4. is built-in payment, this payment method is essentially associated with certain cell phone manufacturers, such as Apple Pay Apple phone

When paying, you need to verify the identity. Generally you use SMS verification code. Others need to retain the form of mixed payment. For example, the balance is not enough, you need to use other payment methods to pay the balance, such as balance + three-party payment, balance + quick payment, etc.


How can I stop automatic billing?

The main option to stop automatic recurring payments is to get in touch with the business that is paying you and request that they stop billing you by canceling your membership or subscription. If it doesn't work, you might approach your bank or credit card provider and request that they halt the payments.

What transactions repeat over time?

A charge for products or services that a consumer makes regular payments for is known as a recurring transaction. Memberships and subscriptions are two instances of recurring transactions.

What is recurring billing turned on?

When recurring billing is enabled for Microsoft 365, your subscription will be invoiced on the day of renewal. Your subscription will expire on the date indicated and you won't be billed again if you disable recurring billing.