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Is it possible to replace an electric car's lithium battery with a lead-acid battery?

Is it possible to replace an electric car's lithium battery with a lead-acid battery?

Since the beginning of this year, the raw material prices of lithium batteries have been rising over time, and lithium carbonate batteries in electric vehicles have risen by 7 to 8 times. 18650 manufacture It has even been predicted that this wave of battery raw material prices will continue for some time because of world turmoil and an epidemic.

Even two-wheel electric vehicles, particularly lithium battery vehicles, continue to rise in price as a result of the growing impact of four-wheel electric vehicle enterprise groups. An electric company recently announced that a retail guidance price analysis of the entire lithium battery product market was updated on April 22, with a maximum increase of 1,000 yuan.

Electric vehicles with two wheels are most commonly used in China. As technology has developed and market standards have improved, many cars have replaced iron-ion lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion batteries in recent years. Due to their durability, portability, and large capacity, lithium-ion batteries are popular with consumers.

While lithium batteries are a new material, their technology has yet to mature fully. First, the price is high, with lithium battery products on the market costing 800-2000 yuan more than similar batteries. As a result of the rise in lithium battery prices this year, consumers are also paying more for travel.

Currently, the cost of 37 lithium-ion batteries per hour stands at approximately 1500 yuan. If the price were to increase by 1,000 yuan, the cost of two-wheeled electric vehicles with this battery capacity would exceed 5,000 yuan and even reach over 10,000 yuan for high-end models. For the average consumer who uses an electric vehicle for two to three years, this price hike would translate to a 20 to 30 percent increase in yearly travel expenses.

Consequently, the most valuable battery of the original electric vehicle has become a burden, which almost doubles the cost of travel.

Furthermore, there has been no discussion regarding the security of Chinese battery systems, in addition to their cost. Recently, the Beijing District Court trial information network released a civil judgment from the first instance, revealing that Jiangsu Xinri electric vehicle enterprise limited shares were responsible for a product quality dispute with plaintiffs Ye Mou Ming, Xiong Mou group, and Ye Mou. The court in Shijingshan District of Beijing ruled that Xinri must pay a total of 90,000 yuan to compensate for economic damages to the plaintiffs.

The plaintiff stated that they purchased an electric car from the defendant Beijing Xintailifa Trading Co., Ltd. in March 2019 for 4,200 yuan, which came with a three-year quality guarantee period. Unfortunately, the invoice was destroyed in a fire. According to the outpatient bill from Beijing Hospital, the accident resulted in medical expenses of 1453.04 yuan for Bear and Ye in 2021. Additionally, it caused damages of approximately 110,000 yuan to household appliances, furniture, and other items, as well as 20,000 yuan for newly renovated doors and windows. In total, the plaintiff suffered losses of 150,000 yuan. The cause of the fire was determined to be a lithium battery failure which ignited surrounding combustible materials and led to uncontrollable heat.

Should we abandon lithium battery two-wheeled electric vehicles as convenient and efficient commuting tools since the price of lithium batteries is rising, and there is a certain danger? As a result of the long time of traditional charging, unstable scene, and fire hazards, a new battery replacement mode has emerged in the market for two-wheel electric vehicles.

An efficient and convenient intelligent power change service is introduced using "intelligent power change". It provides two-wheel electric users with the option to replace their fully charged batteries at any time by setting up a change station in the city, enabling them to achieve "change and go" energy services.

In other words, consumers do not need to buy expensive batteries when buying a car, reducing unnecessary expenses for battery price fluctuations; On the other hand, charging and maintaining the battery will be done by a professional power station, eliminating the dangerous and lengthy charging process for consumers.

When using our daily travel service, simply search for the nearest station on our app and follow the navigation to get there. The pricing is based on ampoure-hours and we can offer personalized riding packages based on your travel habits. You can exchange your phone battery multiple times without any restrictions, as long as you find the most up-to-date change station. This ensures unlimited battery life for two rounds of travel.

The power exchange mode of the next generation of two-wheeled electric vehicles is also believed to be a good option for consumers.