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To lower cholesterol, these foods can be eaten regularly

To lower cholesterol, these foods can be eaten regularly

Want to eat nutritious, want to eat healthy, more difficult in this era, because a variety of delicious food more and more, junk food covering the entire market, this time cholesterol becomes the norm, many people also because of cholesterol becomes life-threatening, we began to care about cholesterol-lowering food, which food can choose?

Cholesterol-lowering food one: beans

Want to quickly lower cholesterol, choose beans is very good, like soy is a good choice to lower cholesterol, research has found that after using 28 grams of soy per day can quickly reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. It is important to note that you can not choose processed soy foods, if they are processed with heavy sugar and oil, they contain trans fats, which is not good for health.


Cholesterol-lowering food two: fish

Fish as meat, it is quite friendly to the human body, because it contains fatty acids, which can lower blood lipids, blood pressure components, it is quite friendly to the three high people, after appropriate consumption can effectively lower cholesterol, lower blood lipids, you can rest assured that food, like salmon is good, containing unsaturated fatty acids, can prevent cardiovascular disease.


Cholesterol-lowering food three: oats

Oats belong to the better choice of cholesterol-lowering food, because it contains polydextrose, which is soluble fiber, can prevent the manufacture of cholesterol absorption, can quickly reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.


Cholesterol-lowering food four: healthy corn oil

When cooking, we will use a variety of cooking oil, corn oil is one of the common cooking oil, and many things in life contain most of the oil contains trans fat, if you choose healthy corn oil is different, this is a healthy and safe cooking oil, has natural cholesterol, can help reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol, let people rest assured.

healthy corn oil

In choosing cholesterol-lowering foods, you can start with these aspects, there are also many types of vegetables to choose from, like tomatoes, and fruits to choose from avocado apples.