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Concept of Female Beauty in 10 Different Countries!

Concept of Female Beauty in 10 Different Countries!

10 Countries That Have Extremely DifferentConcepts of Female Beauty.What would be your reaction if we called youbeautiful?We all jump with joy while our self-confidencetouches new heights but then it takes a dip almost as fast!Beauty is subjective and people have differentopinions about it.The ideals or beauty are different acrossborders and people worship these so called standards!It is weird that there are norms for beautyaround the world because everyone is beautiful in their own way.We’ll keep this cribbing for another day,today the focus is on the definition of female beauty in different countries.Does this interest you?Cool, now allow us to take you on a journeyto uncover varied forms of beauty!

Number 1.United States of AmericaNow USA is a cauldron where various cultures are mixed but we still have certain beautystandards that remain uniform throughout the.This obviously starts with a tall and slenderframe because come on, Americans are obsessed with the “ideal” body of models!This craze does not end with a thin framebecause bigger assets are bae.Remember Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda music videowhich was pretty much about a bigger bottom?Then you add a few silicone implants, Botoxinjections and lip fillers to complete the picture perfect American woman!But there has been a push to embrace the naturalbody without any sculpting procedures, let’s see when this becomes acceptable!

Number 2.New ZealandWe aren’t talking about the women of New Zealand in general but the ones from the Māoricommunity.Never heard about them?Well, Māori originated with settlers fromeastern Polynesia, who arrived in New Zealand in several waves of canoe voyages between1250 and 1300.But why are we talking about this tribal groupspecifically?The answer lies in Ta Moko or the traditionalMāori tattooing.If you ever meet a person with an intricatetattoo on their face, probably on the chin,nose or upper lip, ask them about the Māoriculture where such facial tattoos are a symbol of beauty!That’s not all, these tattoos are messagesthat tell the story of the wearer, from his tribal affiliations to their social standing-their tattoo can reveal a lot.Now that’s a story!

Number 3.United KingdomSeems like the British see the Royal Familyas fashion icons because minimalistic is thekey to British beauty!Loads of grace and elegance with a pinch offreckles and you are the ultimate beauty queen!They say wrinkles don’t bother British womenbecause they see it as a sign of maturity and wisdom so maybe Botox isn’t a profitablebusiness here.But apart from the simple look, there is oneunnatural thing that attracts the British.Any guesses what that is?Of course you know that the weather up thereis cloudy so there is less of sun and thus the liking for fake tans has increased!Tan or no tan, the females would look justas splendid!

Number 4.The land of culture and traditions is alsoknown for producing beautiful females!Traditionally, the Indian woman preferrednatural ways to enhance her beauty insteadof applying make-up.They were curvy with long thick manes, loadedwith gold jewelry and traditionally embroideredBut the British definitely left an influencedon the country because the dusky Indian womenhave inclined towards skin lightning productsto get a fair and “better” complexion.It is a shame that the natural exotic beautyof Indian ladies is being replaced by therace for a fairer skin!

Number 5.You have to be insane to question the beauty of Brazilian women, after all, the world celebratesit!While a lot of countries prefer slendernessin a woman’s body, Brazilians have beenknown to sport curvaceous bodies unapologetically!Brazilian women are sought after for theirwider hips and large buttocks but like other countries, Brazil is witnessing a shift inbeauty standards and opening up to slender.But we hope they don’t go too far becausewe’d love to see Brazilians in their amazing form for which they are known!

Number 6.The beauty standards of this country are plain bizarre!Come on, where else on earth would you findpeople dying to get a long neck like that of the giraffe?The Kayan people of Myanmar have such fascinationfor long necks that they make their women wear brass neck coils to push their shouldersdown and elongate their necks!5 year old girls in the Kayan community aremade to wear the rings which keeping getting bigger in number as their age progresses.Such brutality and torture to attain a weirdsense of beauty is beyond our capacity to fathom!

Number 7.For the outsiders, a lip plate represents body mutilation but to a Mursi or Suri womanin Ethiopia, such a plate is a symbol of female maturity!When a female reaches child-bearing age, thelower front 2 teeth are removed before a piercing is made to allow a heavy clay or wooden diskto adorn and stretch the lower lip.Over time, larger disks are inserted to furtherstretch the lips because apparently, the larger the disk- the more mature and beautiful thefemale is!Now that we know about the tradition, justthe mere mention of a lip plate will send shivers down our spine!

Number 8.What could be a beauty standard for Iran wherefemales are expected to always stay coveredup?Let’s just say Iran leads the world in rhinoplasty.Did that ring a bell?Come on people, a nose job is considered asign of affluence and is almost expected fromIranian women!These women wear bandages on their nose longafter they are not required and sometimeswould go to extreme lengths by wearing thebandage without even having a surgery, canyou believe that?Since women in Iran remain covered all thetime, they take the opportunity to flauntthe surgery of a body part they can show.Strange!

Number 9.If you have to define flawless skin, referring to Korean women is the perfect answer!But it comes with a price, Korean women workhard to maintain their porcelain skin.You won’t be surprised to know that thecreamy faces of Korean women are often used to sell skin care products all over the globe!This all started when a pale complexion wasassociated with wealth and a tanned skin depicted hard labor.As of today, apart from the flawless complexion,Korean women are known to possess rounded eyes and pointed noses through surgery becausethat’s their definition of beauty!

Number 10.Ah, the fashion forward country- the moment we have all been waiting for, decipheringthe definition of beauty in France!You know the country for 2 major reasons,the first being the Eiffel Tower of Paris,OBVIOUSLY and second is its love for fashion!But the shocking bit is their preference fornatural beauty over made-up ones!They prefer an all-natural look on the womenwith little to no make-up!French women embrace the beauty they wereborn with instead of blindly following trends.Maybe we could all learn a thing or two fromFrench women!

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