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What business trends will the world watch?

12 Trends Announced… 'Recycling' and 'health'

Wouldn't it be nice if we could grasp the global business change that is going to be popular next year? An event where such a wish could be fulfilled was held at the El Tower on the 6th. It is the 2020 Business Trend Seminar hosted by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).

 What business trends will the world watch?

An event was held to look at the trends of global business that will become popular next year.

The vivid technology-based business case collected from 129 foreign traders in 84 countries around the world has given new inspiration to the many businessmen and entrepreneurs involved in the event.

Brokerage to buy cheap foods that are about to expire

A total of 37 recent business cases were collected by KOTRA. It is divided into 12 trends, and the topics that penetrate the trends are largely divided into 'recycling' and 'health'.

The 12 trends include △ New Mobility △ Web City △ Momconomy △ Mobile Doctor △ B Redefinition △ Green Dining △ Natural Dining Rediscovery of Nature, Share Together, Innovative Work Place, Smart Socializing, Smart Recycling, and Smart Silver.

In a keynote speech that introduces 12 trends, Kim Joon-kyu, the head of KOTRA's market information team, started the presentation with the introduction of Food-Tech, the theme of the rebellion of discarded foods.

The business, called 'Too Good To Go', is one of the 'Waste Less' businesses that contribute to protecting the environment by purchasing cheap foods that are about to expire.

The mobile brokerage platform connects restaurants that want to sell leftovers and consumers who want to buy them at low prices. First introduced in Denmark, the business is now expanding rapidly in major European countries.


Too good to go app that fundamentally eliminates food waste generation ⓒ romanroadlondon.com

Kim said, “Twogood Togo Business has made a huge contribution to reducing food waste through the function of real-time notification of which foods can be purchased at a restaurant or supermarket in real time.” It has been shown to reduce CO2 emissions by about 28,000 tons. ”

Although not food, waste reduction projects are underway in Turkey. A business called 'Smart Container' is a collection of recyclable waste like cans and glass.

Smart container is a device that can collect the waste while charging the transportation card. Existing transportation card chargers are charged with money, but smart containers are recharged according to the type and capacity of recycled materials.

In this regard, Kim explained, “The smart container business started from last year, mainly in Istanbul.” It is a fresh shock to Turkish citizens. ”

Healthy food vegetable milk and alternative rice

The world's most notable businesses include a number of food manufacturing technologies that are directly linked to health. Among them, New Zealand's 'vegetable milk' and the United States 'alternative rice' can be mentioned.

New Zealand is famous for dairy farming, but it is also the third-largest vegetarian country in the world after Australia and the United Kingdom. About one in ten vegans who refuse animal foods and only eat nutrients from plant foods are quite a bit of vegetarian food.

As there is a lot of vegetarian demand, there are increasing attempts to convert existing foods into plants in addition to foods that are vegetable from the beginning. Milk 2.0 is 100% vegetable milk that was born through this attempt.

This vegetable milk is produced by a startup founded in 2018 by the representative of Russian New Zealander Kristina Ivanova. Her experience with being a vegetarian for 12 years reduced her need for vegetable milk.


Milk 2.0 made only with vegetable ingredients ⓒ milkv2.com

Milk 2.0 adds vanilla bean and Himalayan salt to the main ingredients, almonds and cashew nuts. Ivanova's explanation is that it is nutritionally very good because it is completely excluded and contains almost no other food additives.

Almonds and cashew nuts contain about 21% of the product, which provides 12% of protein intake per day, up to 21% fat and 8% carbohydrates, which is nutritionally superior to milk.

Meanwhile, in New York, there is a trend for alternative rice that combines various vegetable ingredients to lower carbohydrates and increase other nutrients. 'Right Rice', which combines lentils, chickpeas, and peas in rice flour, is a good example.

Light Rice is a product that makes use of rice's own texture and significantly reduces carbohydrate weight, thus giving the image of 'healthy rice'. In particular, the price is four times more expensive than ordinary rice, but many consumers are looking for alternative rice despite the high price due to the enhanced nutrition, low carbohydrate content, and rice-like taste and texture.




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