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How to buy chocolate? Eight tips for choosing chocolate

How to buy chocolate? Eight tips for choosing chocolate

How to buy chocolate? Here are my eight suggestions:

1. Look at the list of ingredients and nutrients

This is also the most important point in buying chocolate. Good chocolate has a high cocoa content and a high cocoa butter content. Low sugar content, no cocoa butter substitutes, no additives or a small amount of additives.

Cocoa butter substitutes are artificially synthesized stearin. Its composition is completely different from natural cocoa butter. It contains trans fatty acids and has a low content of unsaturated fats. Regular consumption may have adverse effects on the body. Please choose carefully.

2. Look at the production date and shelf life

The outer packaging will be marked with the production date and shelf life of the product. The closer the chocolate is to the production date, the less nutrient loss and the best taste, and vice versa.

3. Chocolate varieties

Chocolate mainly includes dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, truffle chocolate, sandwich chocolate, brownie, hazelnut, multi-flavored chocolate, wafer chocolate and so on.

Dark chocolate is called "original chocolate". The sugar content is low. Generally, high-end chocolate is dark chocolate, which has the taste of pure cocoa.

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4. Origin and brand

Most of the famous chocolate brands are in Europe. For example, the quality of chocolate in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France, and Germany is relatively better. The domestic chocolate industry has gradually matured, and most of them are of good quality. Well-known chocolate manufacturers will follow strict standards in the selection and use of raw materials, production and processing of products, packing and storage, transportation, and even display when making chocolate.


5. Look at the price

Big brands and high-quality chocolates are mostly expensive. Generally, the price of dark chocolate is higher, followed by white chocolate and milk chocolate, and the price of chocolate with cocoa butter substitutes is relatively low.

6. See your nose and smell your mouth

Color: The surface of the chocolate should be smooth. When it was opened, it felt brittle and hard. From the cross section, its color was uniform and shiny.

Fragrance: Open the package and you can smell the unique fragrance of cocoa without any peculiar smell.

Taste: Chocolate has a smooth mouthfeel. The melting point of cocoa butter is close to the body temperature of the human body, so it will quickly become a smooth liquid in the mouth.

7. Outer packaging

The outer packaging of high-end chocolate is mostly wrapped in tin foil.

8. It is recommended that you buy from regular channels.