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Super Granny who first acquired a hunting license at the age of 104

Super Granny who first acquired a hunting license at the age of 104

In recent years, the aging of society has progressed, and the elderly in both Japan and the United States are doing well. On the other hand, it is also true that Japan has experienced a lot of traffic accidents among senior citizens this year, and it is a trend that the elderly should be careful about the overconfidence of senior citizens.

Shoot a deer on the day you get your license

In the United States, such events that symbolize the spirit of the elderly are the news. In the US gun-related news, only incidents such as shooting and shooting were taken, but in November in Wisconsin in the midwestern United States, a 104-year-old woman acquired a hunting license for the first time at this age and shot a deer That was revealed by the State Natural Resources Bureau .

Florence Teeters was the first hunting license born at the age of 104. Born in 1915, Teeters is blessed with five children, each of whom has a hunting license after adulthood. According to what the youngest son Bill told the state law enforcement department, last year, he took a teeters and went to the forest to deer hunting, and he saw a close look at Bill's hunting. Tars's curiosity ignited and he was granted a hunting license.

Wisconsin is a state where hunting has been active since before its founding. Mr. Teeters is licensed in time for the hunting season that is set annually in the state. On that day, I went to deer hunting with Bill again, and caught a deer 90 feet away. Teeters said that he was excited about the first major pattern in his life.

Experience the tradition of deer hunting

“The 'young women' who have supported the hunters' family have experienced the deer hunting traditions that their predecessors have built, and our annual deer hunting is suitable for any generation in our state. Prostate D. Cole, Secretary of the State Natural Resources Department, praised Mr. Teeter ’s ability to act.

According to the testimony of the family, there seems to be other interests of Teeters. "I go to Milwaukee (in the same state) to zipline down the wire rope and visit Mardi Gras (Carnival) in Southern New Orleans every year." It is known that he is a super grandma who enjoys life even after 100 years old.

Speaking of 104 years old, dynamic vision may be inferior to young people. But Teeter's ability to teach us that age doesn't matter for the first challenge.