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The use and care of standard roll-up curtains

The use and care of standard roll-up curtains

Because of the recent hot weather, more customers are ordering blackout fabric. I went to install some full blackout with patterned roller shades the other day, and this is to share with friends.

What exactly are roll-up curtains?

Roll-up curtains are very common in everyday life and come in a variety of styles. The common ones are solid color, with pattern, sunRoller Shade fabric, bamboo curtains, and so on; the high-grade ones are also soft curtains, Roman shades, and so on; and the high-grade ones have motors, with remote control to crank open and close. Except for those with motors, they all have a pull cord or pull bead to control the opening and closing of the curtain body. There are also blinds and draperies that use the pull cord or pull beads and are classified as roller blinds. The curtain industry is rapidly evolving; what the Ping Ping family knows does not represent the entire picture.

Ordinary patterned full blackout roller curtains

Because of the coating on the back, this type of roller shade has a blackout effect. The back of the roller shade is shown at the bottom of the image.

According to the manufacturer, it is 100% blackout, UV resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant, has excellent elastic recovery, is mold resistant, insect resistant, and durable. The inverse of full blackout is semi-blind, which means only the canvas with no back coating. Customers generally choose full blackout because the price difference is small. In the actual installation, the Pingping family believes that the roller blinds are closer to the manufacturer's specifications. Also, many years ago, the installation of the curtain drape edge bending was serious, but after the manufacturer improved, this problem was very well solved. Here is the finished installation.

Installation of windows. This is a boardroom side office with gray and white tones. Do you feel fresh and beautiful after installing the patterned roller blinds?

Located inside the window. The school office. The advantage of installing inside the window is that it does not take up much space; the disadvantage is that the left, right, and above are insufficient to seal, resulting in light leakage. However, in public places, this can be ignored.

Utilization and upkeep

It is relatively simple to use; simply pull the right side of the pull bead rope to lift the curtain fabric. It should be noted that this is not a violent use.

Cleaning is also very simple; dirty with a chicken feather sweep to remove dust, towels can also be used. It can be removed and cleaned if it is too dirty. The curtain has two seats: the main seat with the bead is the main seat, and the other is the sub seat, which has a live buckle. Roll the curtain up tightly first, and then release the vice seat buckle to remove the entire curtain.

There are also users who use the bead pulling curtain stylesrope incorrectly, resulting in its breakage. Don't rush, and don't disassemble the bead pulling rope indiscriminately. Find a lighter first, then use scissors to cut the bead pulling rope as shown in the picture, merge the two ends, immediately docking, to be cool can continue to use.

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How high above the ground should curtains hang?

Curtains that drag on the floor may present a trip risk and are more likely to gather dust. Curtains should hang at the perfect level, slightly off the ground. Measure from the floor to the location of the rod (often 4 to 6 inches above the window frame) to determine the appropriate curtain length.

Which hue has the most variations?

The color green, a combination of blue and yellow, is prevalent and comes in a wide range of hues. In actuality, green is the color that is most easily perceived by the human eye.

How can I select a pattern for a curtain?

Regarding Color and PatternIf you want this to be the focal point of your space, you can also choose a striking pattern. A further interior designer technique is to match the color of the curtain to the color of the wall. This works very well in a room that is darker and has a thick velvet drape.