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How do you choose children's clothing? These shopping notebooks for common sense!


After becoming a mother, I began to think about the child's clothing, food, housing, and transportation, hopingcleaning mop manufacturer that the child will eat well and wear well. However, many mothers' focus in the purchase of children's clothing is more cast to look good, fashion, and other factors, often to the child to choose the clothes that are not suitable, but may harm the child. So, when it comes to children's clothing, what factors must be considered by the mother?

One, select the appropriate size for the child.

Many mothers believe that children grow quickly, so when selecting clothes, they believe thatMoschino Kids HK larger clothes will last longer and be more cost-effective, but in reality, long-term children wear inappropriate clothes, affecting the child's appearance image, the child's aesthetic also has a lot of negative guidance, but also detrimental to the child's physical development. If a mother is unsure about the size of her child's clothing, you can use this simple children's clothing size measurement method to ensure that the child is dressed appropriately.

First, measure the child's height, excluding the head, around 80% of the height, and thenwhisky course determine the approximate length of each type of clothing, including shorts length = 30% body height, shirt length = 50% body height, pants length = 75% body height, jacket length = 49% body height, suit length = 53% body height, long coat length = 70% body height, dress length = 78% body height.

Second, select appropriate clothing.

When choosing children's clothing, mothers should consider the baby's safety after wearing, which is too tight clothes will strangle the baby's skin, making the blood vessels tight and affecting oxygen supply, there are neck ties of clothing is easy to play when the baby's neck strangulation, there are sharp decorations of clothing may scratch the baby, are not recommended for young children wearing the type of clothing.

Third, select materials that are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly.

Children's skin is more sensitive and fragile, so when selecting clothing for the child's body, consider what will not cause allergies, which is why chemical fiber fabric clothing is not suitable for children to wear, and the best choice is soft natural cotton fabric, so that children wear comfortable and non-allergic clothing.


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