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an orderly manner, you need to pay attention to the following points

an orderly manner, you need to pay attention to the following points

Sorting is the sorting out of life. Only a one-time systematic sorting out can you sort out the life you want. Avoid thinking a little bit a day. The layout of the home will affect the living habits in the future. You can look at the home scene that Moschino Kids HK can be improved before finishing.

Store in wardrobe

The situation of many people in the wardrobe is that they can keep tidy for several days at a time, and then they can only keep clean for a few days.

If you want to break this situation, it is a good way to use drawer-type sorting box. Hang up clothes that are easy to wrinkle or not easy to fold, such as silk or chiffon dresses, small suits, etc.

However, T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, nightgowns, home clothes, etc. can be classified and stacked in a drawer type sorting box, and can be clearly seen by labeling, which is very convenient to take and place.

There are only two options for cleaning the kitchen

Reduce sundries

One of the most important processes at the level of sorting is to minimize sundries and remove unnecessary things immediately. Put all the things that are uncertain whether they will be used in the future into a storage box and affix labels.

Commonly used items are placed in best electric mop for laminate floors fixed positions independently to avoid missing things in the future. The most important thing is to throw away the things that have not been used so far. Don't regret it. I spent so much money to buy a house, not to put these useless things.

Tips for storing small items

The sorting of small items is quite complicated. The items cannot be arranged in order, and they are always reluctant to part with. Discard everything that is broken or packaged. Don't expect to turn waste into treasure in the future. Discard all expired cosmetics that cannot be used, and separately store the available cosmetics. For some commemorative small items, I will organize a special box to store these happiness.

Personal area

Personal area is also the centralized storage hong kong universities ranking method, which is to develop an independent area for each person in the family, and place the person's items instead of mixing them together. It can also be delivered to personal management to save time. It can also create different sorting methods according to personal hobbies and habits.