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How to do housework and study at the same time, fast and well

How to do housework and study at the same time, fast and well

I often hear that having a baby ruins my life. I'm facing the same thing now, but I don't want to give up on self-improvement. So I am constantly looking for ways to improve, and I hope to do so with you all.

During the summer and the epidemic, I was at home 24/7 with a baby, and I got a taste of what it's like to be a housewife. Before, I always envied those housewives who didn't have to work and felt that it was easy to cook and eat for the children. Nowadays, I feel this is not easy.

At first, we had to put off until whenever the baby went to bed, and we even had to get up to do the unfinished chores when she went to sleep, a sorrowful tear. Whenever a child gets up, we have to get up even if we are sleepy and miserable.

Secondly, she doesn't like to do her homework. I used to put her in the evening nursery, the teachers there to watch the homework, since I found that the money is much slower than the speed of the money, I intend to save a knife on the head, stabbed to their hearts.

I have been pushing her to do her homework two, two, three or even seven, eight, nine or ten times, and have often had parent-child conflicts over the difficult issue of homework.

Once again, I had to make all three meals at home, and I would even remake the first one that didn't suit me. It's really a case of waiting for the next meal to come. It took half an hour to cook, ten minutes to eat, and then I had to wash the pots and pans and dishes afterwards. I feel like all the good times have been lost in washing and scrubbing the floor and doing housework.

In the end, not to mention the parent-child interaction, simply took the life of Qing, reverse growth of the old urchin, children play what we play, but also to make happy.

You guys say this day is difficult for me? Although the task at work is not so heavy, but I am a person who has demands on himself, daily days are spent in the nanny career, inevitably regret.

Some people say that nothing is as crucial as small portable vacuum cleaner a baby's future. Some mothers even give up their jobs from the start of their pregnancy to focus on their children. I can only give them a thumbs up to show my admiration.

The days of doing housework and spending time with the baby are driving me crazy with one head and two heads, it's just too hard to do well too, lol - too hard.

More importantly, I don't want to lose myself. You only live once, and the life you set up for your baby is necessarily the one your baby wants? You give up your own life so you can nurture your child? You won't regret one day without your own future?

Having thought about this, I started to explore hard on how to do chores with a baby without disgracing myself and being able to improve myself along the way.

Until today only, I do have a little feeling to share with you.

1 dry housework must be more fast and save, can cook while sorting out the kitchen waste, do not pile together eventually dry, not only depressed mood, and spend twice as much time.

2 Study while working. You can use listening while washing dishes, mopping the floor, wiping the table or even playing with your child, for example, listening to novels, lessons and songs from Himalaya.

I listened to soft music while cooking today, and the more times I listened, the more I could feel the state of mind in the music, and the more times I listened, the greater the area where I could experience the smallest emotions. The benefit of doing this is to cultivate the body and mind, the second is to cultivate the mind perception, only the mind perception to the expression can be in place.

3 Work towards reducing the process. For example, when people get a manicure, do they cut to the table first and then clear the table, or do they cut directly to a piece of paper and throw this paper away directly after cutting?

4 By the way, the work is done. For example, if you take a towel in your hand, you can wipe wherever you go. Carry a paper towel in your trouser pocket so you don't have to go back for it when you need it. When you go to a room, you take the things you need to take from that room with you. No need to go round and round again.

5 Keep a planner and a log book. Each night write down in the planner what you want to do the next day, including what you want to buy and what you want to do. This way you can avoid forgetting. You can also keep a record at all times.

The log book also allows you to write down the most important things for the day each night before you go to bed, making it easy to search for them later.

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