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What are the advantages of aluminum profiles in the CNC industry?


Aluminum profiles are aluminum profiles used in automated machinery industries and production lines, which are aluminum alloy materials with different cross-section shapes formed by hot melt die extrusion and surface treatment.cnc aluminum parts The surface treatment is mostly anodized and frosted carbon coating. Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, beautiful and durable, it is used in many production industries. It is commonly used to make all kinds of assembly line brackets, equipment aluminum profile frames, safety fence columns, large equipment frame structures and so on. The assembly line aluminum profile is so popular because it has the following six advantages.

1. Good plasticity and simple processing method

Aluminum profiles are extruded and can be customized into different profiles as needed.aluminum t profile Compared with traditional steel profiles, aluminum profiles are simple to process, requiring only simple design, cutting, drilling and installation of fittings, without welding and cutting off welding sandblasting and painting processes.

2. It is easier to disassemble and assemble, flexible and has good expandability

Aluminum profiles on the assembly line are connected by fittings without welding and painting.led panel aluminum frame Due to the adhesion of the connection and the various flexibility of the connection, it also facilitates the expansion and upgrading of the products at a later stage. Conventional materials require welding, which is time-consuming and expensive. If the connectors fall off, it will not be easy to maintain and upgrade later.

3. Aluminum profiles come in a wide range of specifications and surface treatments

Aluminum profile is a kind of aluminum alloy extrusion. At present, the industry has hundreds of conventional specifications models. It can also be designed and processed according to user needs. Surface treatment methods are diversified to meet the diversified needs of users, with a wide range of applications.

4. Beautiful and durable, long service life

Aluminum profiles have a smooth surface, rich and varied colors, and an elegant overall design appearance. As the surface of various aluminum profiles is treated and covered with a layer of oxide film, it can protect the aluminum profiles from oxidation and corrosion. Aluminum profiles are corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, not easy to rust and discoloration, long service time

5. Small error, high precision, suitable for high-precision equipment

Unlike the welding of traditional materials, the connectors used in the installation process of assembly line aluminum profiles are easily deformed, so the assembly precision of aluminum profiles is required to be high. In addition, the aluminum profile processing technology refers to the industry size norms and standards, strict tolerances, suitable for precision equipment with high accuracy requirements.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection, ecological environment protection, can be recycled many times, reduce enterprise costs

Aluminum is an environmentally friendly material, no paint, no pollution. Accessory connection without welding, easy to dismantle, materials can be recycled. Samples save time and labor, can be disassembled at any time, can save labor and investment costs for enterprises.

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