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It's easy to edit a PDF!

It's easy to edit a PDF!

It's easy to edit a PDF!

If you frequently work with computers, you should know that PDF is the most convenient circulation format, having good compatibility. merge multiple photos into one pdf The following Xiaobian will explain how to edit a PDF. For example, deleting text, haven't found the right way to small partners may cause a lot of headache. It is actually very simple.

The first method is to use a professional PDF editor to delete the PDF

Open the editor and add the PDF file you wish to edit to the action page. You can add a file in two ways. One is by clicking the “File”-“Open” button to find a PDF file to edit, the other is by clicking the “Open” button to find a PDF file. Either way will work the same.

You can edit content by clicking the Edit Content button at the top of the page. Content editing includes all content, text, images, and shapes. Siao gives you an example using "Plain text".

Simply click on "Plain text" and you can go to the action page where you can cut or add what you need. Lindeberg could read it like he was typing a Word document.

After deleting the PDF file, click "File"-"Save as" and select the appropriate location to save the deleted PDF file.

To delete online education websites, use a PDF converter.

Find the PDF online converter, then click on the action page and select "Document processing" - "PDF editing" - "PDF Delete text" to enter the action page.

On the operation page, click the Click to Select File button. Add the PDF file to the page, then delete and modify the text.

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