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Google health - to help you take advantage of him

Google health - to help you take advantage of him

Our mission at Google Health is to help everybody live their healthiest life.I’m David Feinberg and I lead Google Health.Google has been in health for a long time.When you think about it, many of our searches are around healthcare.When you get a diagnosis, a medication, a new symptom, people go to Google.So what we thought we could accomplishis take the functionality that we know from organizing information,and put it on top of your record.

So when your doctor is looking for something,You know, did you have that Pneumovax? Did you have an MRI?How did you have a response to that medicine before?We will pull up all that information from your record,so that your doctor can spend more time with you,looking at you instead of looking in the computer.Now everybody who’s spent time looking at healthcare dataknows that it’s incredibly complex.Why? Because healthcare is incredibly complex.

Patient information is scattered across multiple different silos.So how do you bring those…connect these dots from the patient standpoint?Doctors face this every day.Many physicians practice in more than just a single system,and so they have to log into different electronic health record systems.When you need to find something about a patientand you have the record in the fax and it's sitting in the image in the computer,you want to be able to just search ABX or CXR,which is how doctors talk about chest x-rays,and it should pull up that chest x-ray.

We’re fortunate to work with many health systemswho are trusting us and putting the data on Google Cloud.At Google, we generally design and build products for billions of people.And in this case,we build products for millions of doctors and nursesto help billions of patients.

The technology is mind blowing,but if we don't have the trust of the doctor, the nurse,the mom, the dad, the elderly person, the patient,it doesn't matter how good the technology is.We’re not going to mess with this.We’re going to do it the absolute best way possible,we’re going to treat it with the respect that it deserves.We’re all in this together and we all have that same mission.We’re trying to empower doctors to be the best versions of themselves.To me it’s making communities and families healthyso they don’t have to think about healthcare.

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