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How to improve work efficiency? Do these 5 things and you won't have to work overtime in the workplace

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After four years of working in Internet/e-commerce, I've always followed one rule: I don't work overtime if at all possible (unless it helps me to be competitive in the workplace). Using sound time management to increase productivity is a cliché, but it can be difficult to actually implement, so I hope sharing my 5 work habits today will inspire you.

1 Manage upwards using expectation setting.

After working for a few years, I think one of the things people in the workplace must learn is how to manage effectively.online pdf conversion free Instead of waiting for your boss to set a deadline for you, be proactive and tell him what it is and get it done before it's too late. This will regulate your time/overtime schedule because only you know best what other tasks you have. Getting it done before the deadline can help you improve your performance without having to work overtime, killing two birds with one stone!

2 Utilize the most productive time of the day wisely.

The most productive development time is the hours of your day when you are carrying out your clearest mind and most developed thoughts.scanned pdf to word converter online To I think myself through the example, my most efficient study time is 1 to 4 pm. With the clearest mind in the fastest time with no interruptions (cell phones and emails) you can complete the most difficult tasks, such as modeling information data analysis. And in some other inefficient use of time (9-11 am), to do a more complex and repetitive work, such as focused on responding to emails, contract preparation and issuance, as well as with customers over the business activity process.

3 Understand the task before you do it

Many tasks may seem important, but in fact, for your boss, you just need to check the box. Try to find reasonable shortcuts and ways to get this task done quickly. For important tasks for your boss (like data analysis for a high-level presentation), know what your boss really wants and what data to show in the icon before you start. Don't add to the picture and ask ahead of time if you're not sure. This will help you save time and energy and work less overtime!

4️ A good memory is not as good as a good pen

While iPads and computers are technologically advanced, they can be quick to take notes, but many of the most productive executives I've met carry laptops with them. Write a post during a meeting to remind yourself of what needs to be reviewed and critiqued. I will make a list of tasks that should be completed for each day of the week and allocate my time accordingly. Taking notes during a meeting gives the impression of care and can later remind your boss of what was mentioned in the meeting while improving your work performance.

5 If you use a particular software regularly at work, get to know it thoroughly!

Still a newcomer, there is an important task that requires the use of pdf. i did the following two hours can not be done, a senior, knocked 10 minutes on the keyboard to do this task. Since then I forced myself to use only pdf shortcuts to keep improving efficiency.